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  • Are the machines in good working order?

  • Are all machines properly guarded and guards used?

  • Are all safety guards in good working order?

  • Can the safety guard or safety system be overridden or defeated?

  • Are there clear and visible safety signs on the machines?

  • Are emergency stops regularly checked?

  • Are the local exhaust ventilation systems working correctly?

  • Have employees been trained to use the equipment they work on?

  • Have all employees been instructed on machinery safety rules?

  • Have employees and agency workers been signed off for training for the tasks they are performing?

  • Are there any leaks on the machine?

  • Does the machine have a working risk assessment?

  • Are the risk assessments displayed and clear for all to see?

  • Are chemicals used on the machine or process?

  • Does the process have a COSHH assessment?

  • Are operators required to use a crane ?

  • Is lifting equipment used to load the machine?

  • Have the operators been trained in the use of cranes?

  • Have the operators been trained to use the lifting attachments?

  • Is the an inventory of all the lifting equipment and lifting attachments for the machine / area?

  • Is manual handling required to load the machines?

  • Have the operators been trained to use 'Pristine Condition' manual handling techniques?

  • Do the operators use hand tools?

  • Are the hand tools in good condition and fit for purpose?

  • Has the operator been trained in the use of the hand tools?


  • Are all electrical supplies visibly identified?

  • Are the electrical cabinets locked and secure to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Are there any loose or exposed electrical cables or wires on the machinery?

  • Are there electrical warning signs displayed on the machinery and feed boxes.

  • Are all electrical safety signs visible and in good condition?

  • Are extension leads used in the audited area?

  • Are the extension cables in good condition and PAT tested?

  • Are there any trailing leads or overhead hanging electrical cables?

  • Is the visible electrical cable in good condition and free from damage?

  • Is the lighting adequate for the tasks being performed?


  • Are there any portable electrical appliances in the audited area?

  • Are extension leads used to operate the portable appliances?

  • Does the portable electrical equipment display an in date inspection label or tag ?

  • Date of PAT Test

  • Select date


  • Are the security doors to the audited area safe and in good condition?

  • Are the security doors kept closed to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Do children, the public or unauthorised persons have easy access to the premises?

  • Are all lockable external areas (paint and oil store, sodium store and acid area) kept locked?


  • Is a daily pre use OMC check completed?

  • Are there any recurring defects reported that require resolving?

  • Do the FLTs in the audited area have an allocated parking /charging point?


  • Is the building structure of the audited area in good repair?

  • Is there any evidence of leaks from the roof or building structure?

  • Are there any leaks or spills on the floor of the audited area?

  • Housekeeping, is there any litter / rubbish / swarf on the work surfaces or floor?

  • Are all the general waste bins and swarf skips regularly emptied and cleaned?

  • Is there a good 5S standard ?

  • Is the floor in a good condition? Free from open cracks and holes?

  • Are gangways and walkways clearly marked and free from obstruction?

  • Are the safety barriers in good repair ? And secure?

  • Is the lighting adequate ?

  • Are there any lamps / lights not working?

  • Are there any slip or trip hazards?

  • Are the duckboards or steel staging sound and in good condition?

  • Are toilets and washrooms clean and hygienically maintained?

  • Are there any leaks on the floor?

  • Are there any leak kits available within the area?

  • Are there any emergency spill kits available in the department?

  • Are the leak / spill kits contents full?


  • Is access equipment used in the audited area?

  • Is the access equipment tagged with a registered inspection date?

  • Have the staff been trained in the use of the access equipment ?


  • Are selected areas within the audited area hearing protection zones?

  • Are employees expected to wear hearing protection as part of their daily work?

  • Is hearing protection readily available for employees to use?

  • Do noisy machines or areas display hearing protection zone signage?


  • Are chemicals used in the audited area?

  • Have employees been trained in the use of hazardous substances?

  • Are chemicals stored safely in chemical storage lockers?

  • Are all chemicals clearly and correctly labeled ?

  • Are COSSH data sheets available


  • Is there an evacuation route plan displayed within the audited area?

  • Is fire fighting equipment properly sited at the fire points?

  • Are all the fire exits and routes clearly marked and free from obstructions?

  • Are the fire doors in a good and sound condition?

  • Are the fire exit signs visible, clean and in good condition?

  • Are there any fire marshals within the department?

  • Is there adequate fire marshal coverage for shifts and holidays?

  • Are fire extinguishers serviced and in date?

  • Select date

  • Are fire and smoke doors working correctly?

  • Do first aiders have a first aid emergency bag/box

  • If there an eye wash station in the department, Is the eyewash solution in date?

  • Select date

Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations Are AOR sources used in the area? AOR includes light emitted from all artificial light sources in all its forms such as ultraviolet , infrared and laser beams, but excludes sunlight.

  • Is there an AOR source

  • State the source


  • Are the H&S committee meeting minutes displayed within the department?


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