Emergency Response and Action Plan

Annual Program Review

Equipment list (Hazmat and CS)/monthly PMs (review what facility using)

Facility Training (evac. etc)

Team Emergency Response Training (Hazmat, CS rescue, etc)

LEPC/Fire Dept Coordination

Responder Tasks Assigned (Incident Command, Logistics, ) - App A

Hazwoper Drill Evaluation Form - App P

Evacuation Maps Current (updated with most recent projects) - App E

Annual Evacuation Drill (internal/external) Documented/Critiqued - K

Emergency Light monthly inspection (PMs)/ Mapped locations

Critical Equipment Process Emergency Shutdown - review what facility using

Fuel Sources - Fire Prevention and Protection Program - App F

Severe Weather Shelter/Power Outage Areas - App H

Department Specific Emergency Response Worksheet - App T

Incident Command log for chemical releases (last 12 months) App L

Bomb Threat Receipt form (documentation) App I

SCBA inspection form - App S

Tank last hydrostat testing

Confined Space Program

CS Annual Program Evaluation

Using correct CS permit (including completing all fields) on file for 1 year - App E

Contractor Authorization to Enter Facility CS (debriefing form) on file for 1 year - App H

Confined Space Inventory and Evaluation Table (Key) - App A

Reclassification forms - App G

CS hazard Assessments (including spec rescue procedures)/Written procedures - App F

CS rescue equipment inventory log - App B

CS Entry and rescue rope history, usage, inspection log - App D

CS Atmospheric monitoring device calibration log - App C

Related Permits Verified (hot work, Line break permits)

Contractor Safety Program

Annual Program Review

Pre-Project review and safety briefing form - App B

Contractor Sign-in log - App F

Contractor Safety Orientation acknowledgement documentation - App E

Audits (weekly) - App D

Audits (Self) - App C

Plant ISNetworld usage/evaluation process (comparing Contractor Sign in log)

Review all ISN Exempt Contractor files (current) - Contractor safety data and general information - App A

Electrical Safety Related Work Practices

Annual Program Review

Arc Flash Analysis (most current)

Quarterly Infra-red scans performed

Infra red scan current and corrective action of identified hot spots (No critical or serious)

Electrical MCC inspections (PMs completed/Documented) - App H

Hot glove - 6 month verification process

Electrical Test Meter Monthly Inspections - App D

Electrical Small Hand Tool Monthly Inspection - App E

S/O cord requisition permit form - App B

Task specific procedures - App A

Energized Electrical Written Permit - App C

Ergonomics Program

Annual Program Review

Ergo Team (PIT Crew or Power Team) identified and functioning (look at meeting minutes and assigned actions)

EJMS assessments - Team involvement and evaluation steady progress

Action Tracking Log - Ergonomic project list current

Solution Matrix identified and tracking

Mechanism to capture quick fixes completed by plant team

Verification of employee involvement on ergo initiatives (EJMS, MOC's, Line meetings)

Trending completed identifying problem departments and/or jobs for CTD illnesses

Plant has identified and implemented job rotations to prevent CTDs

Industrial Athlete Program used and documented (New Hire/LOA Stretching process)

Follow up process for ramp in (break in pain) - New Hire/LOA

PDA (physical demad assessments) completed for all positions

PDA (physical demand assessments) used when assigning Restricted duty

Knife sharpening program (New hires/dull knife complaints)

Fall Prevention and Protection Program

Annual Program Review

Master list identifying all equipment (Harness, Lanyard, Ladders)

Manufacturer info for ladders, harnesses, and lanyards

Documented monthly inspections completed on each full body harness and lanyard inspection form - App A

Monthly Ladder Inspection Form - App B

Ladder Out of Service process - App C

Hazard anlaysis completed for each task identified (including rescue procedures) - App G and H

Anchor Points Identified on Map

Fire Prevention Program

Annual Program Review completed

Oily Rag Program - App A

SOP for Aerosol exchange process

Fire Extinguisher location maps

Fire Extinguisher monthly/annual Inspection - App B

Documented process (SOP) of fire extinguisher recharges/exchanges

Fire Prevention Valve Inspection form (Weekly/Monthly) documentation - App C

Fire Prevention Equipment Inspection form (monthly) - App D/Third Party Sprinkler Inspection Reports (at least annually) including reviewing any noted recommendations

Property Loss Prevention Survey (all recommendations responded)

Fire Protection Impairment Program

Annual Program Review completed

Process for Impairments outage incidents (Site specific - including Steam, CO2 and/or Water)

Fire Protection Impairment Tag completed last 12 months

Alternate Protective Measures Notification

Incident reports for fire incidents (summary documenting events)

Hot Work Permit Program

Annual Program Review completed (App D)

Hot work classification map - identifying Type 1, Type 2 & designated areas

Hot Work permits completed appropriately (including Contractors)

(Monthly) Welder inspection PMs - App C

Hazard Communication Program

Annual Program Review completed (App C)

Hazardous chemical inventory list - App B

Chemical Specific Procedures developed (chemical usage (mixing, handling), exposure)

SDS on file - Site Hawk system is functional

Required personnel trained on use of Site Hawk

Process to ensure proper chemical receiving SOP (tanks, totes, drums) & verify acknowledgements)

Chemical approval process in place (new or tiral chemicals) - Using Site Hawk

PMs for eyewash and shower (documented monthly)

Industrial Hygiene

Annual Program Review completed

Master log of IH Sampling Areas Identified (CO2, H2S, Acetic Acid, Chlorine, Heat, CO, etc)

Quarterly sampling of environmental stressors being completed and documentation (unless otherwise specified per the environmental stressor)

Sampling records retained permanently

Results of sampling posted on employee communication boards (min 15 days) App E and F

Air Sampling equipment being calibrated (per manufactures recommendations) - maintained for 1 rolling year

Heat Stress Program/Hot Weather Process

Heat stress monitoring being conducted in outlined areas (and any others as requested)

Analysis to drive engineering controls

Engineering controls documented (if any high reads are found)

Hot environment protocol

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Program

Notices posted that require monitoring (as identified on the log)

Monitoring being conducted (minimum weekly) in areas identified on log

Incident Investigation Form - App B

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Program

Notices posted (as identified on the log )

Monitoring being conducted at least quarterly - in areas identified on log

Analysis to drive engineering controls

Engineering controls documented (if any high reads are found)

Radiation Program

Notices posted (as identified on the log)

Monitoring being conducted at least quarterly - in areas identified on the log

Process in place to register equipment with specific state requirements (Department of Health)

Designated RSO

Hearing Conservation Program

Annual Program Review completed

Current area sound survey within 2 years (and any new equipment tested when implemented)

Dosimetry study completed (high noise areas - every 2 years) (3rd Party)

Documenting engineering controls

Respiratory Protection Program

Annual Program Review completed

Master list of all employee issued respirators (Including an identification system on each respirator)

Tracking sheet of monthly Respirator cleaning and inspections (by unique identifier)

Master list of all respirator users and fit tests dates and fit factor (annually)

Manufacturer info for equipment

Cartridge change out or Single Use Policy documentation - App A

Voluntary Use Form (if any) - App B and C

Lock out/Tag out Program

Annual Program Review - App F

Equipment specific procedures written and in place - App B

Equipment specific procedures reviewed and re-certified within last 12 months

Lock removal authorization form - App D (any within the last year and completed properly)

Alternate Procedure Form - App C

List of all authorized employees - by department and lock number

Are lockout devises singularly identified by shape, size and color?

Yellow out of service lock/Tag process?

Using correct Line Break permit (including completing all fields)/completed properly (all closed loop systems) on file for 1 year- App I

Contractors utilizing line break permits (issued by JBS) - App I

Personal Protective Equipment Program

Annual Program Review completed

Annual PPE Hazard Assessment been completed/verified (last 12 months) - App B

Hazard assessment certification forms completed (last 12 months) - App B

PPE check sheet developed per unique job (based off PPE haz assessment)

PPE checks completed and documented as required

Process to ensure employees trained properly for Job Transfer or Bids

Manufacturer information for all PPE

JSA (Job Safety Assessments) been completed for all unique jobs

Knife Handling Program

Annual Program Review completed

Process for transporting knives (straight, whizard, air knives, etc)

SOP identifying process for storage of blades (new/used)

Powered Industrial Truck Program

Annual Program Review completed

Pre-shift inspections and a tracking process to ensure all trucks receive the needed inspections/repairs - App C-H

SOPs for fueling/battery changing/charging - App A

Site Specific Safety Repairs (safety measures taken when repairing PIT) - App B (if inhouse)

SOP outlining process for new vehicle brought on-site/training

Documentation of Dock plates rated and certifications

List of Authorized Operators - App P

Incident Policy in use - App K

Suspension-Revocation Form - App L

Manufacturer info for all PIT used onsite

Railcar, Tanker and Hopper Safety Program

Annual Program Review completed

Site Specific SOPs developed for rail cars, tankers/hoppers

Coordination with railroad

Controls are implemented (e.g. blue light (blue flag), derailer, radios, etc

Fall protection systems in place

Pedestrian warning system in place

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Program/Freight Lift/Pedestrian Elevator

All VRC identified

Review Monthly PMs

Visitor Safety Program

Process in place to capture Visitors to the facility (maintain for 1 year)

Review visitor sign-offs

Cold Weather Process

Any cold weather gear

SOP for snow/ice removal

Any cold weather gear

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