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SMT Checklist

  • 1.1 Is sign in book readily available and is there evidence of it being used? (Have you signed in?)

  • 1.2 Is the branch/Warehouse clean and tidy with no obstructions in aisles and no trip hazards?

  • 1.3 Are Fire extinguishers / Exit doors are visible and clear from obstructions?

  • 1.4 Is Electric/Hand cable winder clean and no visible damage?

  • 1,5 Are the keys removed from the forklift/walkie stacker and daily pre start checks completed? (Speak to Operator)

  • 1.6 Is PPE available and in use? (Hi Vis, Gloves, Glasses & Safety Boots

  • 1.7 Are all goods in pallet racking above head height secured? EG Wrapped, Strapped, Crated, Caged or Velcro pallet straps

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  • 1.8 Are only Australian standard pallets being used for storing in racking? Not damaged and are pallets locked into the beams

  • 1.9 Are all cable drums secure in hangers and fitted with locking collars/spacers and cable tails coming from the back of the drum?

  • 1.10 Is there an Exclusion zone (Minimum 3m) around the forklift while unloading and loading

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