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  • Location

Required PPE * Company Supplied Equipment

  • Clothing (correct layering, rain gear, etc)

  • Time Piece (watch, phone, IPad, etc)

  • *Safety glasses

  • *Hearing Protection

  • *Radio Fully Charged

  • All Company Equipment tethered to vest

  • First Aid Certification up to date?

  • Matches or Lighter for emergency use

  • *Whistle on gear?

  • *Survival Blanket

  • *Compass?

  • *Flashlight/Headlamp (headlamp not supplied by company)

  • Emergency use knife/multitool

  • Water and food

Required PPE General Condition

  • Rain gear

  • *Hard hat and visor. (Yearly replacement of liner)

  • *Hand protection

  • High visibility vest

  • Boots? Condition? Caulks sharp?

  • *Personal first aid kit? (min: 1 pressure dressing, 6-10 band aids, 6-10 cleansing towels)

  • *PFD Vest condition and CO2 canister in good condition

Optional Recommended PPE

  • Bear spray

  • Bear Banger

  • Cougar knife

  • Bug spray

  • Bug Net

  • Benadryl (antihistamine)

  • Sun Screen

  • Corrective Actions, Responsibility and Due Date

  • Other deficiencies Identified

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