Management Support for EHS

How Does supplier stay current with laws, regulations, codes of practice?


Describe methods supplier has in place to provide information to Sodexo on EHS aspects of the service provided.


Describe leadership and commitment to EHS management system and making this an integral part of the sites business.


At least one senior member of management committed to supporting EHS as a job responsibility?

Findings - Management support for EHS

Emergency and Response Planning

Are there provisions for an emergency?

Emergency Response Plan in place?

Emergency Response plan communicated/trained to staff?

Business Continuity Plan in place?

Business Continuity Plan integrated with Sodexo plan for GSK?

Describe resources to respond to foreseeable emergencies.


EHS Risk Management and Assessments

Are Risk Assessments provided for EHS issues?

Are task specific hazards communicated to the staff to ensure that employees exercise their assigned responsibilities safely?

Specific Risk Assessments and associated training?

Is there a Hazard Communication training program?

Are job descriptions present for staff?

Are PPE requirements for tasks described?

Are inspections and monitoring in place?

Are steps in place to minimize and control risks from workplace hazards?

Is there an Ergonomics program?

Is there an Asbestos Communication program in place?

Findings - EHS Risk Management and Assessments

Chemical Hazard Management

Is there a Chemical inventory?

Has the inventory been updated within the past year?

Is the inventory signed and dated?

Are MSDS/SDS present for all chemicals?

Are flammables and combustibles stored properly?

Are cylinders in use by provider and are they stored properly?

Do staff use only approved chemicals?

Is there a chemical spill response procedure in place

Are chemical spill kits available?

Has training for the Global Harmonization System been provided and documented?

Findings - Chemical Hazard Management

Biological Agents (Universal Precautions)

Is there a Biological Safety Training program in place?

Is there a procedure for response to Biological incidents?

Is there a Hepatitis B program in place?

Findings 0 Biological Agents (Universal Precautions)

Reporting and investigation of adverse EHS events

Is there an incident reporting system in place?

Does the incident reporting system include environmental or safety events?

Is there a Near Miss Reporting System?

Is there an incident investigation system in place?

Are Root Cause analysis performed?

Are corrective actions followed up to completion?

Is there an escalation process to raise EHS concerns?

Findings - Reporting and investigation of adverse events

Self Auditing

Is there a system to assess performance to EHS programs?

Is there a process to identify opportunities for continuous improvements?

Are previous audits available?

Are Corrective Actions from audits documented and tracked to completion?

Findings - Self Auditing

Employee Information, Contractor safety, training orientation/induction

Have all employees gone to Contractor Safety within the last year to include GMP?

Is there a new employee induction/training program in place?

Are there routine meetings to discuss safety?

Do all employees attend the safety meetings?

Is the information from the safety meetings available to staff (posted)?

Findings - Employee information, contractor safety, training/induction.

Safety Training

Is there a training matrix available?

Are employee training records present?

Are employee training records complete?

Findings - Safety Training

Permit to Work Systems

Has management or a representative attended the Permit to Work training?

Is there a Permit to Work program available consistent with the GSK program?

Have permits been issued for activities requiring permits?

Permits and operations checked to ensure compliance to the permit?

Are there records of all Permits issued within the past year?

Findings - Permit to Work Systems

Maintaining Facilities in a safe manner

Contrsctors activities and processes performed in a safe manner?

Contractors perform regular safety inspections of work areas?

Inspections identify and implement corrective actions to improve EHS??

Are corrective actions tracked to completion?

Procedures are in place for transport and storage of materials

Access and egress areas are maintained clear?

Proper signage is in place for hazards?

Electircal cords are in good condition and inspected?

GFCI plugs are present and in use?

Adequate inventory of supplies is present for scope of work?

Findings - Maintaining the facility in a safe manner

Vehicles, equipment and supplies

Are vehicles maintained in a safe manner including regular inspections and maintenance?

Is there a driver safety program in place?

Are driver qualifications on file?

Powered vehicle inspections, maintenance, training, certification/qualification is in place?

Vehicle licensing is up to date and on file?

Inspection and maintenance of equipment is documented (pallet jacks, dollies, powered cleaning equipment)?

Storage areas are maintained in neat cleanly order?

Findings - Vehicles, equipment and supplies


Does the contractor participate in GSK and Sodexo sustainability initiatives?

Is there a method for communicating sustainability efforts to Sodexo and GSK?

Is there a method to identify opportunities for imporvement?

Is there a method to record and track contributions to sustainability?

Findings - Sustainability

Waste Management

Is there a waste management program available?

Does the program comply with site specific waste management policies and programs?

Is there a method for communicating with Sodexo around recycling and waste management?

Does the contractor have procedures to ensure waste generated is managed according to GSK and Sodexo policies, and in accordance to Local, State and Federal regulations?

Findings - Waste Management

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.