Introduction - Make it POSITIVE.

  • Ensure that you introduce yourself. Confirm whether the person has time to stop the task and have a conversation.
    Is it safe to stop work?
    This is your chance to build rapport.

  • Ask the person if they can take the time to assist you.

  • Details of person/s you are engaging with.

  • Name/s:

  • Job title:

FOCUS UPON RISKS - a chance to share a story/experience that relates to this task.

  • no label
  • THINKING ABOUT THE TASK - What are the risks or hazards that this task exposes a person to? Use open ended questions to clarify task and gain understanding.

  • Add a photo of the site/task if you wish.......

  • ASK - if something went wrong with this task, what could happen as a result?

  • ASK - Where have you heard of this scenario actually happening?

  • ASK -What are the main controls in place to reduce the risk of this scenario actually occurring?

  • Are the controls effective? If not, describe how they might be improved?

Get commitment for future behaviour or rectify an unsafe condition.

  • ASK - Are there are any other safety issues concerning you or your team? Please note the main points below.

  • Did you identify any other safety hazards at this site?

  • Ensure that you gain commitment for future safe behaviour if you have observed an unsafe behaviour or condition. Please also ensure that you provide feedback to the person's manager regarding any unsafe behaviours observed.

Thank the person for their time and effort

  • Have you thanked the person for their time today?

  • Please click the "sign here" button at right and initial.

RECORD your Conversation


  • Clicking "Export"

  • Clicking "Preview " and checking that everything is ok.

  • Clicking "Send" and the email address should populate then hit "SEND" and you are finished.

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