Title Page

  • Company name

  • Location
  • Site (if applicable)

  • Document version

  • Date created

Software Product Specifications


  • App/Software name

  • App/Software description

  • Goal(s) of the app/software

Business Case

  • What is the rationale behind this app/software?

  • What is the expected output?

  • What problem is this app/software trying to solve?

  • What value does this app/software provide to the customer?

User Stories

  • Discuss the user story in detail.

  • What’s the priority level of this user story?

  • What success metrics will be used for this?

App/Software Design

  • Design description

  • User interface

  • Deployment

  • Specify

  • Sketches/mockups

Functional Requirements

  • User roles

  • Features

  • Integrations


  • Additional notes or observations

  • Recommendations

  • Sign-off

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