Waste Management

Are waste containers appropriate for use? (for example, food waste containers should have lids)

Are all waste containers in good condition?

Are waste containers lined properly?

Are waste from the different departments handled separately?

Are all recycling bins clearly labeled?

Are waste containers emptied regularly?

Are number of bins and dumpsters adequate?


Are the wastes stored in a well-ventilated room?

Does the exhaust fans in the room operate properly?

Are the waste storage areas free from odors, contaminants, or signs of vermin?

Do all workers wear appropriate PPE while segregating wastes?

Have measures been put in place to deal with any hazardous waste?

Is the first aid kit readily available in case of emergency?


Is waste removal appropriately scheduled?

Is the location of dumpsters appropriate? (i.e., away from air intakes, doors, and operable windows in relation to prevailing winds)



Officer in charge (Full Name and Signature)