Personal hygiene

  • Are all staff wearing the correct uniform, are they will groomed?

  • Did Staff wear the uniform to and from work?

  • Are change rooms available for staff?

  • Are staff using the handwashing basin, antibacterial soap and washing hands at appropriate times?

  • Are hand washing sinks NOT being used for food preparation?

Cleanliness of kitchen

  • What is the condition of the hard surfaces. Including floors, shelves, cabinets, fridges, inside fridges and freezers and storage cupboards, walls, light fixtures, and ceiling?

  • Are the appliances clean, well maintained, and functioning correctly?

  • Have the ventilation shaft/extractor fans been cleaned, are well maintained, and are functioning correctly?

Storage areas.

  • Are storage areas well maintained, and free from vermin and pest infestation?

  • Are all items off the floor and removed from cardboard packaging cartons?

Garbage disposal.

  • Is the rubbish empty regularly?
    Are rubbish bins in good condition and regularly cleaned?

Cleaning and sanitising.

  • Are the correct chemicals used for the correct application?

  • Are washing and rinsing temperatures correct?

  • Are staff washing and sanitising correctly?

  • Is there evidence of cross contamination?

  • Is all food preparation equipment being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before next use?

  • Is all food preparation equipment being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before next use?

Pest and Vermin control.

  • Is there evidence of vermin? for example droppings, or food packaging with teethmarks, etc?

  • Are all Flyscreens installed?

  • Are there screens covering ventilations shafts?

  • There are no visible cracks or holes in walls, floors or behind appliances?

The Food Act and WH&S Act.

  • All staff are aware of the legal responsibilities (verify this verbally)?


  • Are the emergency stop buttons and isolation switches operational?

  • Is all electrical equipment dry and clear of water with current test and tag in place, with no double adapters?

  • Is electrical wiring/conduit and extension cord is in good condition/fixed in position?

  • Are indicating lights and warning lights working correctly, is there good lighting over workstations?


  • Is the signage in place and legible? for example emergency stop buttons, do not operate, evacuation lights/signs?

Machinery and equipment.

  • Are machine guards attached and are they being used?

  • Is maintenance regularly carried out, with no apparent damage to equipment or dangers to users?

  • Is there evidence of illegal modifications to equipment and machinery?

Firefighting equipment.

  • Are emergency exits and passages clear, and are emergency procedure manuals clearly visible?

  • Are hose reels, call points and fire extinguishers in good condition

  • Are you able to quickly access the location and condition of the first aid kit?

  • Is the first aid kit in good condition?

  • Are storerooms clear of rubbish and are slipping and tripping hazards removed?

  • Are hazardous chemicals stored safely and securely away from food?

  • Can you locate the material safety data sheet (MSDS)?


  • Have you submitted this safety has a report?

Safety hazard report.

  • Chefs signature.

  • Select date

  • Teacher's signature.

  • Select date

  • What is the outcome of this report?

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