• Tower Name and Number

  • Date conducted

  • Prepared by

  • Address
  • Who is the Carrier for this Audit?

  • If "Other" was selected above, specify what Carrier

  • Is everything labeled properly? (Power, Fiber, & CAT5)

  • Have you checked all of the filters?

  • Are there any that need to be replaced that you could not attend to or might require a Mx window?

  • If so what type of gear is it?

Power/Grounding Information

  • What is the Ground Reading?

  • Is anything loose or poorly crimped requiring a Mx window to correct?

  • If so note the issue

  • What is the AMP draw for the A side of the fuse panel?

  • What is the AMP draw for the B side of the fuse panel?

  • Does all gear have a SL sticker on it?

  • Have you verified all airflow is unobstructed are free of debris?

  • Have you made sure there is nothing left on top of gear?

  • Photos of SL space. (Front and Back)

  • Please list all Make/Model of gear that is currently installed

  • Has the Tower Drawing been updated?

  • Installer/Technician Signature

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