• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by Killian Mc Grath


  • Safety and Health plan on site

  • Copies of all contractors Safety Statements available on site

  • Register of Safe Pass, CSCS, Manual Handling, Etc available on site

  • Method statements as appropriate and signed by employee's

  • Permit to work as necessary

Access and Egress

  • Are all walkways kept clear<br>

  • Materials stored/stacked in a safe manner


  • Workplace tidy

  • GMP procedures followed

Welfare Facilities

  • Canteen and toilets available on site<br><br><br>

  • Clean, tidy, functional

  • Drinking water available on site


  • AF 2 Displayed

  • Appropriate signage in place

Work @ Height

  • Scaffolding erected by CSCS cardholder

  • GA3/Scaff tags in use and up to date

  • Scaffolding in compliance with code of practice

  • Handrails in place where the is a risk of falls from height

  • Bean bags, used where appropriate

  • MEWP lifting certs in date and copies held on site

  • Harness and lanyard tied off

  • Suitable ground conditions for MEWP

  • MEWP operator's trained

  • All ladders secured

  • Suitable ladders used and in good condition

  • Protection in place for persons at risk of falling objects


  • Excavations battered back, steped or otherwise supported

  • Signage in place

  • Edge protection in place

  • Underground services highlighted, cut out where possible

  • AF 3 in place and filled out where necessary

Overhead lines

  • Overhead lines isolated where possible

  • Insulated where necessary

  • Goal posts or bunting in place

Machinery Plant

  • Flashing beacons, mirrors, cameras and reversing alarms where necessary.

  • CSCS cards where necessary

  • Safety pins in use

  • Machine cabs kept clean and tidy

Lifting Equipment

  • Up to date lifting certs for all plant where necessary

  • All chains, slings and hooks certed and up to date

Access roadways

  • Roads in good condition

  • Pedestrian walkways where necessary

  • Signage in place as appropriate

Hand/power tools

  • All tools on site using the correct voltage

  • Trip switches and steel armour cable where necessary

  • Extension leads in good condition

  • Extension cables ran over head where possible


  • Risk assessment in place for use of hazardous chemicals

  • MSDS available on site

  • All flammable liquids marked and stored as appropriate

Hot Works

  • Gas bottles stored upright and in cages

  • Permit in place

  • Shields/Goggles and screens used

  • Fire extinguisher in place

PPE compliance

  • All workers wearing appropriate ppe

  • Life jackets worn when working near water

  • Safety glasses, goggles worn as required

  • Ear protection worn as required

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