Storage tanks(Fixed Tanks, Portable Tanks, Used Oil Tank and Drums)

Do Tank surface show signs of leakage?

Are tanks free from damage, and not showing signs of rust or deterioration?

Do bolts, rivets, or seems show signs of damage?

Are tank supports deteriorated or buckled?

Are tank foundations eroded or have settled?

Are level gauges or alarms inoperative?

Are vents obstructed?

Is secondary containment damaged or stained?

Is water/product in interstice of doubled-wall tank?


Are valves seals, gasket, or other appurtenances leaking?

Are pipelines or supports damaged or deteriorated?

Are joints, valves, and other appurtenances leaking?

Are casing pipe plugs are not in place?

Loading/unloading and transfer equipment

Are connections capped or blank-flanged when not in use?

Is secondary containment damaged or stained?

Is Berm drainage valve closed and locked out when not in use?


Are fences, gates, and lighting functional?

Are pumps and valves locked when not in use?

Response Equipment

Is response equipment inventory complete?

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Training Conducted on 10/04/17 and 10/05/17

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