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  • Hotel

  • Room #

  • Housekeeper/Inspected by

  • Conducted on

  • Location

Guest Room Inspection

Chart Review

  • All medical documentation is dated

  • All medical documentation is timed

  • History and physical fully completed

  • History and physical updated if done prior to admission

  • Does the history contain "inventory by body system" (review of systems)

  • Does the history contain the "chief complaint"

  • If H&P older than 24 hrs, but less than 30 days, is there a 24-hr update completed, signed and dated? Or an admitting note in progress notes to update recent events

  • Verbal Order/Telephone Order read back initiated

  • Verbal Order/Telephone Order authenticated

  • Approved abbreviations utilized

  • Nursing assessment complete ED & Outpt records, complete last section)

  • Pain assessed and reassessed

  • Restraints documentation completed HCP order)

  • Restraints documentation completed (RN initial assessment)

  • Restraints documentation completed (RN ongoing evaluations)

  • Is there a specific restraint order sheet correctly signed

  • Is there an individual order for use of restraints

  • Is there a specific restraint order sheet correctly dated

  • Is there a specific restraint order sheet correctly timed

  • Is there evidence of medication reconciliation at transfer of care

  • A handwritten operative progress note is entered immediately post-op

  • Pre-anesthesia assessment is documented

  • Examination of the airway is documented

  • A plan for general anesthesia is developed

  • Patient is re-evaluated immediately prior to induction of anesthesia

  • Is there a completed education record

  • Time out in OR to ensure that procedure, side, and sight are correct (verbal consensus)

  • Is there a completed plan of care

  • Was advanced directive question asked

  • Advanced Directive in chart

  • Informed invasive procedure consent obtained

  • Before informed consent is obtained, the risks, benefits, and potential complications are discussed by surgeon

  • Is there a specific procedural consent correctly signed in the chart

  • Is there a specific procedural consent correctly dated in the chart

  • Is there a specific procedural consent correctly timed in the chart

  • Is there a reason for blood transfusion

  • Is there a signed consent for blood transfusion

  • Blood administration documentation completed

  • The disclaimer statement is signed/dated by the attending surgeon (find an operative permit

  • Braden Risk assessment (skin) within 12 hours of admission

  • Medicare form is signed/dated when appropriate

  • Fall risk assessment is completed

  • General consent for treatment is signed

  • General consent for treatment meant is dated

Medical Record Documentation

  • Initial nursing assessment completed

  • Vital signs taken every 2 hours

  • Focused reassessment completed (pain, resp, cardio, neuro, psych)

  • Pain documentation completed

  • Restraint documentation completed

  • Influenza vaccine documentation completed (Sept. 23-March 31st)

  • Pneumococcal vaccine documentation completed

Guest Room Amenities

Marketing material

  • Guest directory

  • Report card on experience

  • Tourist brochures

  • Hotel food and drink menu

Night table/desk

  • 1 bible

  • 1 pocket folder with 3 envelopes

  • 1 am/fm clock


  • 3 hangers + 3 hangers with skirt clips


  • 1 ice bucket & poly liner

  • 1 waste basket

  • 3 ashtrays in guest room

  • 1 memo pad with hotel pen

  • 3 glasses

  • 1 telephone book


  • 1 frosted oval display tray

  • 2 bars of soap (1.25 oz)

  • 1 bottle of shampoo 22ml

  • 3 bath towels

  • 3 face cloths

  • 1 bath mat

  • Hairdryer

  • 2 toilet rolls


  • 1 coffee maker

  • 1 filter pack coffee

  • 1 filter pack decaffeinated

  • 1 tea bag

  • 1 condiment package

  • 1 iron

  • 1 ironing board

  • 1 fridge

  • 2 porcelain coffee cups

Guest Room Settings


  • Lights off

  • Heating set at 18 degrees or 70F

  • Windows closed

  • Television off with remotes out


  • Sinks off

  • Drain plugs open

  • Shower curtain centres

  • Shower head pointing towards wall

  • Toilet lid down

  • Bathroom door open

  • Light off

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