• Site ID

  • Site Name

  • Location
  • Assessment Undertaken by:

  • Conducted on

  • Number of Pitches:

  • Football:

  • Cricket

  • Rugby

  • Other

Changing room audit

Changing accommodation

  • Changing room name/number

  • Capacity of changing rooms- number of teams that can change at any one time in the facility

About the Changing Accommodation

  • Overall Quality - perceived quality of changing accommodation . Does it look well maintained, clean, safe, etc

  • Evidence of vandalism (damage to pavilion, graffiti, broken glass etc)

  • Showers (are there enough shower facilities, what is their quality, if known)

  • Toilets (are there toilets - what is their condition)

  • Parking (is there enough for circa 20 cars, bays marked out etc)

  • Links to public transport (is the site close to public transport links, proximity to bus stop, train stations

  • Security (does the accommodation look secure- secure doors/Windows, evidence of breakins)

  • Segregated changing (are there separate changing rooms for each team - can accommodation be used by both male & female teams at the same time)

  • Total Score for changing accommodation

  • Over 90% - Excellent

  • 60-89% - Good

  • 40-59% - Average

  • 30-39% - Poor

  • Less than 30% - Very Poor

Pitch Audit

Individual Pitch Assessment

    Playing pitch
  • Pitch Number

  • Number of games played on pitch each season?

  • Number of games cancelled due to unfitness of pitch (excl frozen pitches)

  • % of games cancelled per season

  • About the winter pitch/cricket pitch

  • Grass cover - entire pitch/ cricket field. Where 90%+ grass cover should be given Excellant.

  • Length of grass. Varies per sport

  • Size of pitch/cricket field. Does it meet NGB standard.

  • Adequate safety margins. Does it meet NGB standards

  • Slope of the pitch/cricket outfield ( gradient and cross fall). Cricket pitch should be flat

  • Evenness off pitch/cricket field.

  • Problem areas: Evidence of dog fouling.

  • Problem areas: Evidence of glass, stones, litter.

  • Problem areas: Evidence of unofficial use. Eg informal, casual use, uncooked use, kids kickabouts etc

  • Problem areas: Evidence of damage to surface. Eg golf divots, car-parking on field etc

  • Training: estimated number of hours per week per season. Training which takes place on pitch only.

  • Changing accommodation

  • Changing accommodation. Is the pitch served by changing facilities.

  • About the equipment/wicket

  • Winter sports only: goal posts quality. Upright, straight, painted, are there safety net hooks at both ends. If removable goals assume Excellant

  • Cricket only: is the wicket protected when not in use. Can be roped off or covered. Do not score if not applicable

  • Line markings - quality. Eg have they been painted recently; are lines straight and clear etc

  • Training area. Eg nets, goals, grids off main body of pitch

  • Total score for pitch & equipment.

  • 90%+ An Excellant pitch

  • 64-90%. A good pitch

  • 55-64%. An average pitch

  • 30-54%. A below average pitch

  • Less than 30%. A poor pitch

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