Proactive Leadership & Direction

Does the club development plan in place which is reviewed annually to ensure it meets the wants and needs of the club members. Does the plan highlight short, medium and long term aspirations and is it shared with the members.

* Club development plan

Does the Club have governing documents in place which detail how the club is run and includes as a minimum an open (non discriminatory) constitution which includes "Safe Hands" and ECB Club Inclusion and Diversity Policy adoption, together with a separate Club Safeguarding Policy Statement

* Open non-discriminatory constitution* * Club safeguarding policy statement* * Policy documents

Does the club have insurance that covers activities, premises and coaches using public liability insurance to a minimum value of £5 million and employers liability insurance to £10 million.

* Insurance Schedule

Governing committee

* Consists of at least 3 people who are unrelated and not co-habiting. * Includes the Club Welfare Officer * Is subject to regular election. * Meets at least 4 times a year with decision making recorded. * Holds an Annual General Meeting open to members * Recognises and records any conflicts of interest. * Proactively recruit new committee members considering skills needed and diversity. * Committee structure chart * Copies of at least 4 committee meeting minutes within the last 12 months* * Latest AGM minutes (to be within last 12 months)*

Welcoming Atmosphere

As an inclusive & welcoming Club do you actively encourage, welcome and engage new members in various capacities (volunteers, players, supporters, etc) and have a range of membership options with an appropriate pricing policy.

* Classes of membership and subscriptions. * New member pack

Does the Club proactively communicate & interact with their members and seek the views of members, including those of children and their parents.

* Examples of member communications * Details of member survey and results

Does the Club make the most of their facilities and ensure that all activities take place in a welcoming and family friendly environment.

Do the Members understand the contribution they make to creating a welcoming & safe environment and are engaged in setting expected behaviors via a code of conduct.

* Club code of conduct

Does the Club proactively engage with their local community and build mutually beneficial links/partnerships with local community groups.

* Examples of community communications. * Partnership agreements.

Inspiring & Diverse Offer

Does the Club provide player centred, fun training programmes for all of their playing members, to help them reach their potential.

* Selection of session plans

Does the Clubs training and playing programmes meet applicable ECB standards

* The Clubs coaching programme is overseen by a qualified ECB Level 2 Coach or equivalent * The Club has enough qualified coaches present to meet the ECB coach:player ratios, * The Club has enough responsible adults present at junior sessions to meet the appropriate legal supervision requirements * All coaches and adult supervisors have the relevant insurance cover. * All coaches refresh their learning and develop through formal and informal training. * Session registers are maintained at all sessions. * Annual coaching plan * Session registers (to include numbers of Children, Coaches, Coach Support Workers and Adult Helpers)

Does the Club provide appropriate opportunities for specific groups or audiences, e.g. youth, women, girls, disabled.

Ensuring Every Person Matters

Who at the Club holds the members and volunteers up to date contact details (including emergency) and medical information. Is the information they hold relevant for the clubs purposes and is only held for an appropriate length of time.

* Emergency contact details * Medical information * Members lists

Have the Club adopted & implemented the ECB "Safe Hands" Policy, ensuring all members are aware of safeguarding procedures. This includes but is not restricted to:

Have they Appointed a Club Welfare Officer (s) who is ECB Vetted, has attended a Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop and the ECB Safe Hands Workshop for Club Welfare Officers and an assistant

Have they ensured All Coaches and other relevant personnel whose roles include responsibilities relating to working with children are ECB vetted (including an enhanced DBS check), and are up to date with relevant Safeguarding Training and First Aid as detailed on Club Skills & Qualification Template

Has the Club Adopted the Policy for "Safeguarding Children Recruitment".

How does the Club Ensure all new and existing Members are aware of Safeguarding procedures

Have the Club and those running activities have a good understanding of health & safety matters and access to relevant equipment, ensuring the following:

Activities take place in a safe environment with relevant protective equipment (including use of helmets).

Access to first aid equipment must be available at all coaching sessions, matches and for all teams.

Drinking Water is available at all training and match sessions

Coaches and supervisors are aware of the need for Sun Safety

Venue risk assessments

Has the Club got emergency procedures in place for dealing with injuries/accidents.

Accessible telephone for all activities with details to hand of phone numbers for local doctor’s surgery and emergency services.

Process of recording incidents, accidents and outcomes

Having nominated and suitably qualified 1st Aiders available. Inc List and Qualifications

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.