General information
Works being undertaken

Sprayzone workforce on site?

Supervising Chargehand




Weather Conditions and temperature
Site conditions

Safe Site Systems

RAMS on site which have been made available to all operatives and have been signed by them to show evidence that they have been briefed and understand them.

All operatives have signed in (Donseed for example) with the Client / Principal Contractor and undertaken the necessary site induction.

All operatives are aware of site specific Safe Systems of Work and Permits to Work systems.

Site specific potential hazards have been explained to all operatives.

Appropriate safety barriers are in place

All work areas and walkways are free from trip hazards, stored materials etc.

All operatives are wearing minimum 3 point PPE (Hard hat, safety boots and High Viz)

Additional PPE specific to the task is being used - i.e. RPA mask, overalls, goggles, gloves etc.

Hazardous waste materials are returned to the company vehicle.

Emergency Procedures

All operatives are aware of the site emergency procedures i.e. site evacuation in the event of a fire.

The quantity of flammable material on site is kept to a minimum and stored within the company vehicle until required.

Appropriate fire fighting equipment is readily available and its location know to all operatives on site.

Exit routes are clearly marked and kept clear at all times.

Adequate First Aid provision on site.

Working at Height
Access equipment being used

RAMS have been completed and made available to all operatives.

Is the safest method of access being used?

Working at height permits have been issued.

Harnesses are available to all operatives working at height where appropriate and the RAMS state they should be worn.

Is there suitable edge protection to stop people and materials falling.

Are any of the roof areas fragile

have suitable precautions been taken to stop people falling through fragile materials.

Are other trades kept away from the area below the high level work.

Tower Scaffold

Has the tower been constructed using the correct components

Has the tower been inspected by a trained and competent operative before use?

Please state where the inspection is logged.

Are operatives working from the tower in a sensible manner

Has the tower been erected on a suitable, stable area.

have the brakes been applied to all wheels?

Are all working levels and landings fully boarded


Ladders are being used as a last resort where other means of access cannot be used and only for a short period of time.

Have the ladders been inspected and in good repair?

Is the ladder being used in such a way that the operative does not have to stretch.

Are 3 points of contact being maintained?


Is the operative trained to use the MEWP?

Is the operative wearing the additional PPE whilst in the MEWP including a harness and is it clipped on?

Is a visual inspection of the MEWP undertaken on a daily basis before use?

Is the inspection logged.

Please state where the inspection is logged.

Are the ground conditions suitable for the size and type of MEWP being used?

Plant and tools

Does all equipment appear to be in good working order and maintained to a good standard

Has the equipment been visually inspected prior to use?

Is the equipment being used suitable for the task?

Is all electrical plant and equipment 110v or less?

Are all guards and visors in place and in good condition?

All extension leads, cables and hoses are inspected and in good repair and are positioned away from potential causes of damage.

Protecting the public and others working around the area.

All work areas clearly defined and segregated from the public by physical barrier where required.

Adjacent areas are kept free of trip hazards, materials and other obstructions.

Emergency escape routes are not compromised.

All unattended plant, machinery, materials etc are immobilised to prevent unauthorised use.

Manual handling

Where possible, mechanical plant is utilisedto minimise the need for manual handling.


Is the company vehicle parked in a designated, approved space.

Has the vehicle been parked courteously, ie, not blocking routes, pavements etc.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.