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  • This checklist references to IEEE 1016:2009 (IEEE Standard for Information Technology - Systems Design - Software Design Description) as guidance on the adequacy of the Software Design Description (SDD). The project can have a high level system / software architectural design document separately, but Software Design Description focuses on the low level detailed design of the software.

SDD Checklist

  • Has the Software Design Description (SDD) or equivalent been established, reviewed and approved?

  • Are the detailed software design defined in other documents like Software Architectural Design (SAD), System / Subsystem Design Document (SSDD)?

  • Are the detailed design descriptions/specifications traceable back to software requirements?

  • Is there a high level system / software architectural design documented?

  • Does each design viewpoint define a set of design elements (entities, attributes, relationships and constraints)?

  • If not defined using a set of design elements, are there any other methods used to define the detailed information of the design viewpoint?

  • Has each design element been complete, consistent, unambiguous, traceable and testable?

  • Process Verification - Are the activities during the design phase in line with the life cycle processes documented in the plans?

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