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Personnel/Contact (Discuss the following with the audit participants)

  • SRG Maintenance Maintenance System. (Maintenance personnel competent in the use of SRG Maintenance Policies and Procedures)

  • Is there adequate access to Maintenance documentation on site?

  • MEX/DASHBOARD being utilised correctly?

  • Are Fitters capable of carrying out the maintenance tasks onsite? E.g pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems.

  • Do fitters require additional product specific training? E.g OEM training.

  • Are there any site maintenance issues that require addressing?

Maintenance Management

  • Do maintenance personnel have access to Microsoft OneNote for Maintenance Meeting Minutes?

  • Do maintenance personnel have access to the Mining Maintenance Department - OneDrive for electronic document storage & manuals relating to plant and equipment?

  • Are all defects being managed in MEX via open Work Orders?

  • Are the defect work orders in MEX complete with; Priority, Job Type, Due Start Date & Component Code?

  • Are all Assets (including Rotable Components) recorded on the CMMS (MEX) and Service Dashboard?

  • Hrs and Klm readings in Service Dashboard/Mex are up to date. (Within 1 week)

  • No Services are greater than 50hrs or 500 KLM’s overdue.

  • Are all services sheets completed, initialled, & signed off by the Maintenance or Site Supervisor?

  • History of equipment inspections , svc sheets , audits and safety inspections are being kept satisfactorily on site?

  • Is Maintenance Documentation the latest version and being printed off from MEX?

  • Check Last 2 service sheets on 2 items of Plant. (Drill Rig, Plant Lift, Ancillary) Is the service sheet of quality and all machine defects highlighted, noted in defects section with a MEX work order created for tracking?

  • Check Critical hose register is up to date.

  • Check Classified Registered Plant Register is up to date.

  • Copies of Pressure Vessel MDR's, Current Internal/External inspection & Safety Valve test certificate are on site.

  • Are Weekly/Fortnightly Service Plans in place?

  • Are modifications being captured as per the Change Management Procedure?

  • Warranty Claim - Are warranty claims captured via a MEX warranty Work Order?

  • Outstanding warranty claims - Are parts washed and tagged for return to OEM/authorised repairer?

Hose Container

  • Is the preferred supplier being used?

  • When was the hose press last calibrated?

  • Are stock levels adequate for site requirements? (Reviewed against 12mths usage report)

  • Are all personnel adequate trained in hose making?

Service Container

  • Is approved oil being used onsite e.g Valvoline?

Drill Rigs

  • Check machine asset numbers are in place and legible.

  • Is plant being washed on service days?

  • Is there any damage sustained to Plant. (Attach photos of damaged plant).

  • Are Pre-Start books with all plant and equipment and being filled in daily?

  • Check condition of Drill (Oil, Air leaks, Hose Routing etc). Record Drill/Plant number.<br>

  • Is burst protection fitted on hoses in and around the engine?

  • Are exhaust lagging and heat shields in place and fit for purpose?

  • Is all Guarding in place and fit for purpose?

  • Are critical areas being adequately greased?

  • Are daily drill inspections being carried out?

  • Are all Pressure vessel inspections current?

  • Check whip checks condition, are 2 eyed and secured by 4 piece bow shackles?

  • Are defects identified during the inspection noted in MEX and last service sheet?

Ancillary Equipment

  • Is the asset number fitted and Legible?

  • Check for damage.

  • Is the Pre-Start book filled out daily?

  • Is the machine receiving adequate grease?

  • Check the condition of Quick Hitch.

  • Check all attachments. (Do all attachments to have asset numbers?)

  • Check the condition of all attachments.

Light Vehicles LV

  • Is the asset number fitted and legible?

  • Is the machine and cab clean and tidy?

  • Check for damage.

  • Is the Pre-Start book filled out daily?

  • Check the condition of the Light Vehicle.

  • Check the condition of the Hiab if fitted. Note the last Inspection date.

  • Check the condition of the Tow Hook.

  • Check the condition of the Tray.

Vehicles HV

  • Is the asset number fitted and legible?

  • Check for damage.

  • Is the Pre-Start book filled out daily?

  • Check the condition of the crane if fitted. Note the last Inspection date - within 12mths.

  • Check the condition of the Tray.

  • Check Gen- Set - RCD Test Date. Note inspection date.

  • Check Compressor Safety Valve condition. Note inspection date.

  • Check Millennium Brake Tests are being carried out?

  • Check brake test unit last calibration date.

Inventory Control

  • Are minimum/maximum stock levels maintained?

  • Is there an adequate supply of Service Kits/ Filters for all equipment held on site?

  • Is there an adequate supply critical spare parts held on site?

  • Is stock on site stored correctly?

  • Are part issue forms filled out correctly and actioned within 7 days?

  • Regional Maintenance Manager

  • Site Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Operations Manager

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