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  • SSQM:

  • Operator:

  • FRAC Site:

  • Date and Time:

  • Equipment:

  • Lease Name:

  • Customer Rep Name/Ph#:

  • Drivers:

  • Techs:


  • Road Conditions:

  • Site Conditions:

  • Weather:

  • Hazards Identified:

  • Comments:

  • Site Safety Share:

  • Truck #
  • Truck #:

Employee Safety

  • Hard Hat/Steel-toe Boots/Safety Glasses/FR Clothing

  • Appropriate Gloves/Hearing Protection

  • Face Shield/Goggles/Respiratory Mask/Reflective Material

  • H2S Monitors/4 Gas Monitors

  • Aprons available and being utilized

  • Harness available and being utilized

  • Crew awake, alert and attentive

  • Attending safety meetings

  • JSA completed

  • Pre/Post Trip completed (DVIR)

Trucks/Tank Staging

  • Wheels chocked

  • Cones placed

  • Truck properly grounded or bonded

  • Fire extinguisher placed/inspected

  • Emergency Shut Off Valve Properly Labeled & Identified

  • Hoses rolled up and stored when not in use

  • Hoses are not being run underneath equipment

  • Tank passed inspection

  • Utilizing spotter when driving on pad

  • Truck/Equipment has been inspected & is in working order

Spill Protection

  • Full size containments placed, free of product/residue

  • All nozzle locks have been removed

  • Duck ponds under connection points during transfers

  • Hose wraps in place and in good condition

  • Nozzle caps or absorbent pads used on nozzle

I. Fueling

  • “Critical 4” topped off, accounted for (blender, hydrator, data van, t-belt)

  • All units’ fuel level at 75% or better

  • Fill points identified for All Units and assigned to truck/driver

  • Equipment being checked/filled in timely manner (Every Hour)

II. Paperwork & Process

  • All paperwork Accurate and Legible

  • Personnel utilizing Unit Fill Sheet/Asset Tracker (All Units Listed)

  • Driver/Tech maintaining “Line of Site” with each other during dispenses

  • Hoses properly stored and maintained between dispensing

III. Customer Service Excellence

  • Safety Meeting Attendance

  • Personnel On-Site; Professional and Courteous

  • Communications from Field Crew/Dispatch/Operations; Professional,

  • Timely and Attentive to Details

  • Lead Driver checking-in with Data Van/CM at beginning of each shift

  • Tickets available for signature when needed

IV. Customer Satisfaction

  • Satisfied with our Services? “What can we do better?”<br>(Add comments in Note)

  • V. Weekly Service Topic Discussion

  • VI. SSQM Notes/Comments

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