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  • Apartment Controls Verification Sign Off

  • CIT Developments - St Edmunds Terrace

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  • Prepared by Kevin Yarroll

  • 50 St Edmunds Terrace St Johns Wood London NW5 7ED
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Lighting Controls

  • Do all lighting keypads operate as per scope of works or as desired if modified in day 2 works from the Lighting Keypads within the apartments?

  • Does the lighting operate as per scope of works or as desired in day 2 works from the Crestron touch panel?

  • Do the bathroom extract fans operate in boost mode when a bathroom light is activated?

Video Door Entry

  • Is the Video Door Entry system in operation?

  • Confirm test call to concierge with audio

  • Confirm test call received from concierge with audio

Doorbell Operation

  • Does the doorbell operate through the Crestron touch panel?

Alarm Operation

  • Is the alarm panel replicated through the Crestron touch panel?

Heating/Cooling Controls

  • Has the touch panel been upgraded with the new user interface?

  • Using a series of point to point tests with BMSi, carry out a number of control activations from the touch panel to the BMS system. The BMS system must confirm the commands are being received and carried out. A minimum of 50% point activations are to be carried out. <br>Heating demand in all rooms.<br>Cooling demand in all rooms.<br>Cooling Inhibit global operation.<br>Individual area heating/cooling control.<br>Space temperatures confirmed. <br>Holiday mode.<br>Scheduler operation.

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