Title Page

  • Site Address

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

  • Works order Number

  • Did the tenant keep the appointment

  • Have you tried to contact the tenant

  • Have you left a calling card with your contact details

Property Details

  • Brief description of type of property your visiting

  • Does the property have gas or electric heating

  • What type of windows does the property have

  • Does the bathroom have a low voltage extractor fan that works

  • What form of ventilation does the kitchen have

  • Does the tenant have a tumble dryer that extracts outside

  • How many adults live in the property

  • How many children live in the property

  • Room Check
  • Name of room with damp/condensation

  • What do you think is the cause of the problem

  • Room humidity Ideal is between 30% to 60%

  • Room Temperature ideal is Bedroom/kitchen 15 to 17 degrees Bathroom 23 degrees Lounge 20 degrees

  • Does the room have the correct size radiator

  • What size radiator is needed

  • Does the room have adequate ventilation

  • What type of ventilation is required

  • Is there signs of the tenant drying clothes in this area

  • Have you been able to locate the source of the leak

Completion Actions

  • Give a brief description of the area effected and what work is needed

Completion Actions

  • Site Inspector Signature

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