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  • Note: This process can be audited with or without the team member present!


  • 1. Is the standard work format "Best Practice"?

  • 2. Does Standard Work have current PPM's covered?

Operator Standard Work

  • 2. Has operator done tasks? (Green dot)

  • 2.1 If there is a red dot, is there a captured action

  • 3. At the time of this review, does the current operator understand and follow the Standard Work?

  • 4. Has Team Leader verified standard work on a shift/daily basis (green dot)?

  • 4.1 If there is a red dot, is there a captured action

  • 5. Has the Department Manager verified the standard work at least once during the week?

  • 5.1 If there is a red dot, is there a captured action

Leaders Standard Work

  • 6. Is the use of PPM's by the operator verified?

  • 7. Has the Department Manager verified LSW (green)?

  • 8. If using the SW cards, is the use of cards effective?

  • 8.1 If there is a red dot, is there comments as to why ?

D'pt Managers LSW

  • 9. Are cards up to date?

  • 10. Are cards being used?

  • 11. Are any actions , comments around standard work?

  • 12. Has the leaders Leader ( OD) verified standard work?

  • Comments:

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