Station Observations

1) General

  • General - detail any introductory station comments here...

  • Are all areas of the operation covered on station with access to EGOS?

  • Do any registered users have three or more unread GOI's?

  • Is there a suitable means of distributing GOI's amongst staff members?

2) Airport Branding

  • Please attach a wide angle photograph of our Check-in area

  • Please attach a wide angle photograph of our Ticketing & Sales desk

  • Attach photographs of any generic branding

  • Does the station have access to the latest Airport Branding Collection brochure?


3) Four Corners - Check-in

  • Is check-in open on time with the correct number of desks in operation?

  • Is a DG poster and a Prohibited Articles poster / list on display at the check-in & sales desk?

  • Do check-in staff have access to IATA Table 2.3A, List of Hidden DG and DG Labelling?

  • Are passports & visas thoroughly checked prior to the passenger being accepted and passport / travel docs swiped in order to ensure accurate APIS collection? (RF!)

  • Are emergency exit seats appropriately allocated to fully able-bodied passengers and PRMS allocated suitable seats in line with their needs and company safety regs?

  • Is all hold baggage tagged correctly, allocated to the appropriate passenger and any special baggage labels added correctly?

  • Is all hand baggage weighed and checked for size by using a company baggage gauge?

  • Are all agents following Manual Handling best practice?

  • Is all check-in documentation and associated material secure?

  • Are all colleagues behaving in a safe and responsible manner and following correct uniform standards?

4) Check-in Presentation & Operation

  • Are our check-in desks clearly visible and supported with correct branding on the airport FID screens?

  • How is the check-in organised?

  • Is the correct (or otherwise agreed) company logo on display above the check-in desks?

  • Are tensator barriers in use?

  • Is a baggage gauge in use?

  • Are all staff displaying valid airport passes?

  • Are all customers welcomed in a polite manner with a smile?

  • What is the average queue time?

  • Do staff verbally ask customer security questions or make reference to the dangerous goods information?

  • Are large trolley bags checked for size using the baggage gauge?

  • Is FOC check in of cabin baggage offered to relieve stowage congestion in the cabin?

  • Are small items of cabin baggage tagged with an 'under the seat' yellow label?

  • Do the check-in agents remind customers with a bag with an 'under the seat' yellow label to place it under the seat in front of them onboard?

  • Do the check-in desk scales return to "zero" when there is nothing placed on them?

  • Are all customers wished a happy holiday/flight?

  • Did check-in close no later than - 40 minutes STD?


5) Ticketing & Sales Desk Presentation & Operation

  • Is the Ticket & Sales desk in a suitable location to the check in area?

  • Is correct company branding on display?

  • Is the current extra leg room (XLG) poster on display and clearly visible to customers?

  • Is there a suitable dangerous goods information poster on display?

  • Is there a sufficient supply of customer rights information leaflets available in case of delay?

  • Does the station have the overseas folder available?

  • Is the current Airport Standards Manual (ASM) available for inspection?

  • Does the overseas folder contain all MEMOs issued and are they acknowledged?

  • Do staff who complete sales and ancillary revenue services for have a completed sign of sheet on record?

  • Do staff have access to the latest airport sales price list?

  • Do all staff understand the last minute and standby ticket sales policy?

  • Are all staff aware of how to generate the daily station INCI report?

  • Is there a process in place to ensure the collection of 100% of the INCI charges ? - Please detail...

  • Is cash banked securely with at least two members of staff in attendance?

  • Are the receipt numbers in the receipt pads being used in sequential order?

  • Is currency kept in a secure locked safe in a secure location?

  • Is access to the safe restricted to authorised persons only?

  • Is the banking deposit facility in a suitable and safe proximity?

  • Is currency banked often enough to reduce large amounts of cash held on station?

  • Do all sales receipts match the records held by the finance department?


6) Security Control

  • Was your boarding pass checked prior to accessing security control?

  • What is the average queue time?

  • Are all liquids less than 100ml screened in a clear transparent bag?

  • Are all suitable electronic items screened separately?

  • Were you searched sufficiently if the detection alarm sounded?

  • Were security staff polite & courteous?


7) Four Corners - Boarding

  • Did all of the boarding team arrive at the gate on time?

  • Is a DG poster on display within the boarding area?

  • Are boarding PA’s clear and audible and is the correct flight number / destination on display?

  • Is a gate baggage manifest and suitable baggage tags available and are they tagged and added to the manifest following correct procedure?

  • Are passports or travel documents checked thoroughly and boarding passes visually inspected before being scanned into the DCS? (RF!)

  • Are the passenger steps clear from any contamination, such as snow, ice or FOD?

  • Is access through the gate controlled at all times and is there a safe and secure path from the gate to the aircraft? (RF!)

  • If fuelling and boarding is conducted simultaneously, are passengers stopped from climbing the aircraft steps if the ambulift is used to board PRMs?

  • Are passengers pro-actively monitored to ensure regulations relating to smoking, mobile phone use etc., are enforced?

  • Are any 'no-show' bags offloaded? (RF!)

8) Boarding Gate Presentation & Operation

  • Is the boarding gate number clearly on display post Security & Passport Control?

  • Is a suitable logo displayed correctly at the boarding gate? (Please note gate number)

  • Is there a baggage gauge in use at the boarding gate?

  • Are all customers greeted with a smile and in a friendly manner?

  • Is the automatic boarding procedure applied?

  • Was boarding conducted by seat row number? (applicable to jetty stand parking)

  • Did gate staff advise all customers which steps to use?

  • Is the current hand baggage policy being implemented and effectively monitored?

  • Are gate staff actively ensuring our cabin baggage focus is met?

  • Is all hand luggage checked for size and dimensions?

  • Are staff reminding customers that small items with the 'under the seat' labels should be placed under the seat in front?

  • Are all customers wished a pleasant flight/holiday?

  • Is the boarding gate closed on time?

  • RAMP

9) Four Corners - Ramp

  • Are all colleagues wearing appropriate PPE and displaying their airside pass?

  • Has a FOD inspection been carried out prior to the arrival on stand? (RF!)

  • Do staff remain clear of the aircraft until engines shut down and anti-cols off? (RF!)

  • Is the aircraft appropriately chocked and safety cones correctly positioned?

  • Did all vehicles behave in a responsible manner? (RF!)

  • Is a banksman used when positioning / removing all items of GSE?

  • Is all GSE correctly positioned, leaving a suitable gap between the aircraft?

  • Are all items of GSE secured using chocks or stabilisers where required? (RF!)

  • Are all items of GSE equipped with protective rubber buffers in good condition?

  • Are all items of GSE that are manouvered within the aircraft footprint done so at walking pace?

10) Ramp Operations

  • Is a walk around arrival check carried out, specifically looking for unreported damage? (RF!)

  • Is a suitable and safe guidance means available for the aircraft arrival?

  • Is the stand area clear of all items of GSE?

  • Were a sufficient ramp team available to meet the aircraft arrival?

  • What type of access is used for the aircraft? (Please note stand number)

  • Was the front door opened within 3 minutes of ATA?

  • Was the rear door (if applicable) opened within 4 minutes of ATA?

  • Are any vehicles blocking the exit path for the fuelling bowser?

  • Does the ambulift touch the aircraft when in use?

  • Is a banksman used when the ambulift is attached and removed?

  • Is the ambulift secured with chocks or stabilisers once in position at the aircraft side?

  • Does the ambulift operator knock and await the crew to open the door once in position?

  • Is the cabin door fully closed and secure post ambulift removal?

  • Are all cargo hold nets secured prior to departure?

  • Were steps/airbridge removed ETD - 5mins?

  • Is a thorough pre-departure walk around check carried out after all GSE has been removed? (RF!)


11) Four Corners - Dispatch

  • Did the dispatcher arrive at the aircraft in sufficient time?

  • Is the dispatcher proactively managing the turnaround and completing the dispatch report?

  • Is a LIRF used during the turnaround?

  • Is all AAA paperwork completed correctly? (RF!)

  • Is the loadsheet / loadform checked before presentation to the flight crew and an accurate reflection of the loaded aircraft? (RF!)

  • Is a thorough pre-departure walk-around carried out once all doors are closed? (RF!)

  • Does the headset operator remain in view of the flight crew at all times during the pushback?

  • Does the headset operator present the steering bypass pin to the flight crew once removed?

  • Are all MVTs/LDMs/PSMs sent in a timely manner?

  • Has all other flight paperwork been signed by the appropriate person?

12) Dispatch Operations

  • Were all SITA messages (MVT, LDM & PSM) received from the departing station?

  • Did the dispatcher immediately check the status of the aircraft and whether automatic boarding could commence?

  • Was the initial load sheet on the flight deck no later than - 20 minutes STD?

  • Are all LMCs completed correctly before departure?

  • Does the dispatcher agree any departure delay codes with the Captain before leaving the flightdeck?

  • Does the station have the correct addresses for sending departure SITA messages?

13) Safety Reporting

  • Is there a clear and accessible process to report safety events to (Please detail)

  • Does the station have access to manual GSR forms?


14) Lost & Found Services

  • Does the lost and found office have the correct company logo on display?

  • Is there a baggage services poster on display?

  • Are damaged/delayed baggage customer information letters available?

  • Are RUSH baggage tags available?

  • Are blank Unaccompanied Baggage Manifests available?

  • Are damaged or lost baggage claims processed correctly through World Tracer?

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