Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • STC

  • Conducted on

  • Personnel

BOC Morning Shift

  • Select date

  • Key press (All Keys intact)

  • Walkie Talkie (5 Nos)

  • Water Fountains Running

  • Fire Alarm Activation

  • Auditorium Request

  • BOC Tech A (0730hrs to 0800hrs)

  • Normalise Lift No 1, 3 and 5 on the Lift Supervisory Panel

  • Ensure FMS (STC-11 nos, CCB-2 nos, HR-3 nos) LCD Monitor is turned on

  • Acknowledge "status"alarm from Siemens FPS

  • Check BAS to ensure Chiller and AHU systems are turned ON

  • Check Facility Management System for the schedule of the day

  • Access SAP and Create PF (Fix-it) Notification for the day.

  • BOC Tech B (0800hrs to 0915hrs)

  • Check Carpark - To take down car plate nos parking at Season Parking Lot with no season parking label

  • Take Chiller and Cooling Tower Logging

  • Take Water Meter Reading (STC)

  • Main Meter

  • By-Pass Meter

  • Take Water Meter Reading (CCB)

  • Main Meter

  • By-Pass Meter

  • Take New Water Meter Reading

  • Main Meter

  • By-Pass Meter

  • Remarks

Remarks and Signature

  • Any Isolation of Fire System

  • Instruction from Manager/ Engineer / Technical Officer

  • Remarks

Sign Off

  • Handing Over (BOC Tech A)

  • Handing Over (BOC Tech B)

  • Vetted by Technical Officer

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