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Visual Inspection

  • Is the container in good condition?

  • Do container doors open and close smoothly?

  • Are containers pad eye's free of cracks?

  • Have roof bolts been checked for tightness?

  • Are containers slings in good condition and within pull test date?

  • What is the date of the last pull test?


  • Is the Pressure Safety Valve within calibration date?

  • Has the gas detector been tested?

  • What did the alarm go off at

  • What did the unit trip at?

  • Has ESD been tested?

  • What did the unit trip at?

Component Maintenance and Test

  • Have bolts on feed pump been checked for 200 ft lbs of torque

  • How tight we're feed pump bolts?

  • Have Main steam valve bolts been checked for tightness?

  • Has electrical system been tested and deemed safe?

  • Is water softener system working correctly?

  • Has the fire eye glass been cleaned?

  • Does the unit have 10 gallons of boiler chemical?

  • Is the feed pump oil at the correct level?

Running checks

  • Is fuel pump working?

  • What is the fuel pressure?

  • Has the booster pump rotation been verified?

  • Is the chemical pump working correctly?

  • What is the current setting?

  • Has feed pump been inspected and found to be working properly?

  • Are the feed pump check valves working properly?

  • After running unit, do the burner nozzles need to be cleaned or adjusted?

  • Are the burner electrodes lighting the flame?

  • Are the operating pressure switch and modulating pressure switch working properly?

  • Have both main temperature limit controllers (MTLC) been tested?

  • Has feed pump relief valve been inspected?

  • What pressure did the feed pump relief valve lift at?

  • Did feed pump oil interlock switch shut unit off in both up and down position?

  • Has the feed water strainer been cleaned and inspected?

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