General Evalution

  • The purpose of this section is to evaluate some of the basic aspects of the apprentice. Evaluate the apprentice on all of the questions below. Each question has the capability for the evaluator to add comments and photos to better explain the responses.

  • Does the apprentice have a good attitude?

  • Does the apprentice work well with others?

  • Does the apprentice follow all of the safety rules?

  • Does the apprentice follow instructions well?

    Yes - Learns quickly. Follows instructions well
    Sufficient for this step - Generally follows instructions. Occasionally misunderstands
    No- Often confused and has to be told multiple times

  • Does the apprentice show a good quality of work?

    Yes - Takes pride in his/her work
    Sufficient for this step - Quality work most of the time
    No- Apprentices work often has to be redone

  • Apprentice attendance record

  • Signature that apprentice has reviewed the above responses goes here

  • Signature of the evaluator goes here

Pole Climbing Evaluation

  • Here you will evaluate the apprentice will on their pole climbing abilities. Any question can have comments or photos added to them to elaborate.

  • Is the apprentice wearing all of the proper PPE for climbing? (Leather gloves, long sleeve shirt, hard hat, safety glasses)

  • Does the apprentice show care for his/her tools and climbing gear?

  • Did the apprentice properly inspect his body belt and safety strap before climbing?

    Apprentice must check for wear in strap and body belts, ensure hooks are properly sharpened

  • Does the apprentice show proper stepping techniques while climbing?

    Proper stepping include not watching their feet while stepping, taking proper step lengths, and placing gaffs into the pole at the proper angle.

  • Does the hand placement of the apprentice demonstrate a confident climber?

    Yes- Doesn't keep hands on strap, cross arms, or other pole hardware unless absolutely necessary
    Sufficient for this step - Periodically holds onto strap or pole hardware
    No- Not confident. Not sure where to place hands. Doesn't trust his/her equipment

  • Is the apprentice confident in stepping around a pole?

  • Did the apprentice successfully climbing over an obstruction while using his/her secondary strap?

  • Did the apprentice properly defend the pole?

  • Signature of apprentice acknowledging the evaluation above

  • Signature of evaluator

Knot Tying Evaluation

  • Here the apprentice will be evaluated on their know tying abilities.

    If you need guidance on what to look for, you can find videos on knot tying at

  • Can the apprentice tie a bowline?

  • Can the apprentice tie a clove hitch?

  • Can the apprentice tie a square knot?

  • Can the apprentice tie a sheet bend?

  • Can the apprentice tie a grunt knot?

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