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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

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  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Employee Name

Manufacturer: Crown

  • Vehicle Model #

Operator able to identify and communicate control functions.

  • Speed/Truck Direction: Can properly identify hand control and use of for direction and speed of lift

  • Horn: Can identify location and properly use

  • Safety Reverse Switch: Contact causes low speed directional change

Fork Controls Can identify and perform the following:

  • Overhead Guard: Can properly identify lever that raises and lowers guard

  • Lift/ Lower

  • Tilt

  • Right and Left Shift

Operator able to adequately perform or exhibit proper operation behavior

  • Proper completion of a Pre-Shift Operational Check<br>

  • Proper stance on vehicle platform

  • Operator maintains arms and legs within the confines of the vehicle

  • Smooth engagement of travel. Operator clearly understands the proper rotation for required direction

  • Operator can perform necessary fork controls to properly move pallets

  • Operator visually checks prior to backing or changing direction

  • Operator uses horn appropriately at intersections, blind corners, etc.

  • Operator is able to perform a controlled stop of the vehicle (with or without a load)

  • Operator is able to stop the vehicle in quickly replicating an emergency stop

  • Operator adjusts to proper stopping distances on wet or slippery surfaces

  • Operator can properly engage and disengage the coast selector

  • Operator properly stops and sounds horn prior to driving through strip curtains and Rytec doors

  • Operator uses overhead guard properly when both lifting overhead and entering trailers

  • Operator properly travels with forks trailing

  • Operator maintains safe driving distance of at least 3 truck lengths

  • Operator properly operates lift around pedestrians. Does not drive up to pedestrians and fixed objects.

  • Operator properly uses the High and Low speed controls in respect to conditions & environment

  • Operator stops vehicle prior to getting off

  • Operator is able to remove product product from forks and does not block exits or travel paths

  • Operator uses appropriate speed when entering a trailer (and follows proper trailer entering procedures)

  • Operator uses proper precaution around dock plate that are not engaged in a trailer

  • Employee has valid driver's license, or has passed a vision test comparable to the State DMV vision test

  • Trainer

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  • Department

  • Observation Test Date

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