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  • The purpose of this document is to record all necessary information regarding the installation of the new PDQ's and de installation of the old PDQ's as well as a step by step guide of the process involved for the engineer.

  • House name and number

  • Site Phone number

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • General Managers name or Deputy General Managers name

  • 1.Number of PDQ's being installed on site

  • 2.Does the site Require pole mounts ?

  • How many Pole mounts required ?

  • 3.Does the site have the new payment button displayed on the payment screen on all tills ?

  • Ask the manager to complete a send to POS from the back office PC

  • Take a picture of the new card payment button on the till menu

  • Take a picture of the new card payment button on the till menu

Onsite PDQ Installation

  • 4. Speak with the manager on site and get them to show you where the current PDQ's are installed and where the phones lines for the PDQ's are if possible.

    5. Install the new PDQ's next to the current ones that are on site the de installed PDQ's will need to be removed last

    6.After you have familiarised your self with where all the PDQ's are on site begin to install your first PDQ in till order

    7.whilst you are installing the new PDQ's follow the iauditor and record the details of the old PDQ's below

  • 8.Add PDQ

  • PDQ
  • What is the serial number of the new charging base?

  • What is the WIFI MAC address of the PDQ installed?

  • What is the serial number of the PDQ installed on site?

  • What is the PTID number of the PDQ installed on site?

  • What is the TID number of the de installed PDQ?

  • What is the phone line / port number of the de installed PDQ?

  • Complete a test transaction and take a picture of the receipt

  • Complete a contactless refund transaction and take a picture of the receipt

  • Take a Picture of the area where the new PDQ has been installed

  • Are there any faults on the PDQ being removed from site?

  • What was the fault ?

  • 9.What is the MID of the de installed PDQ's?

Engineer issue Log

  • 10.Have you used all of the new Veriphone PDQ's and bases allocated for site?

  • Please note the serial numbers of new PDQ's and bases not used on site

  • 11.Have you used any additional PDQ's from your boot stock?

  • What are the serial numbers of the DOA PDQ's that are being returned?

  • 12.Engineer issue log

  • 13.Familiarise yourself with the till and how to use the integrated PDQ as you will know have to complete the training with manager on site

    Please refer to the Till and Webcom training manual this will show you what training you will need to complete with the on site manager

  • Take a picture of the Webcom desktop icon and Webcom loaded in a browser

Removal of old PDQ cabling

  • Take a picture of the Webcom shortcut on the desktop and webcom loaded up on the screen

  • 14.After Training you will then need to remove all of the de installed PDQ's and cabling associated from behind the bar and back office.

    15.You will need the manager to complete a Z read on every PDQ before de installing

  • Upload site WIFI survey showing AP locations and signal strengths

  • 16.Take a picture of all the Z reads From all of the old PDQ's together

  • 17.Have you got to remove any cables from the back office?

  • Take a picture of the area before you de install the cables

  • Take a picture of the area after you have de installed the cables

  • 18.Have you Scanned all stock movement's on the nGeneration stock portal?

  • This will need to be completed by emailing unit 18 the SN/PTID's installed and TID's of the de installed on site before leaving for PCI compliance

  • Why hasn't it been possible to use the stock AP?

Sign off site

  • 19.Job status

  • Who aborted the job?

  • Why was the job aborted?

  • Why does site require a revisit?

  • Have you contacted project control about the issues on site?

  • 20.Have you left any of the old ingenico PDQ's on site?

  • What are the TID numbers of the PDQ's left on site?

  • Take a picture of the PED Support Notice pinned to office wall

  • 21.Next section to be completed by the Manager on site

  • 22.Do all the new PDQ's work?

  • Has the engineer explained why some aren't working and contacted stonegate?

  • 23.Has the ngeneration engineer completed all onsite PDQ training to your satisfaction?

  • Have you received training on taking integrated and non integrated payments?

  • Have you received training on switching on and off the PED Terminal?

  • Have you received training on how to take multiple card transactions on the same till using the swipe card function?

  • have you been Inform the PED's should always have at least 40% battery to avoid connectivity issues?

  • Have you been advise to regularly clean the gold pins on the charging cradles and PED's as a standard practice to avoid charging issues?

  • Have you been advise about PED Security and not to leave them in vulnerable areas also keep them Locked in the office overnight (switched off)?

  • Have you been shown how to Access the Non-Integrated Report in Webcom and Reconcile with Standalone Card Payment?(This will need to be printed Daily and sent to finance)

  • Have you been shown how to Login to Webcom?

  • Have you been shown the support contact details?

  • Duty manager agreement to cascade the training to the team

  • 24.Has the ngeneration engineer provided you with the till PDQ manual and the webcom cashing up manual?

  • All pole mount keys must be put inside a envelope in the safe please

  • 25.General Manager / Deputy Manager

  • 26.Comments

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