SIGN 1 as per montage

SIGN 2 as per montage

SIGN 3 as per montage

SIGN 4 as per montage

SIGN 5 as per montage

SIGN 6 as per montage

SIGN 7 as per montage

SIGN 8 as per montage

SIGN 9 as per montage

SIGN 10 as per montage

SIGN 11 as per montage

SIGN 12 as per montage

Trading Details Sticker on site

Edge lit poster frame (incl graphics) on site

People posters on site

Trading Details Sticker installed

Now cooking Sign installed

Edge lit poster frame installed

People posters installed in frames

Signage timer set


Awning condition

Footpath condition

Pressure clean footpath

Shopfront door (check furniture & closer)

Fire Exit Sign inside above door

Exterior Painted in Correct Colour

Back door viewer

Outside glazing

Disabled access ramp (where applicable)


Front Counter

Sealed at both ends / all joins and under

Correct tiles, stone and finishes

Counter condition, no damage scratches or chips

Stainless steel kicker to front

Mounted on Concrete Plinth

Customer Area Floor Finishes

Polished concrete sealed, no scratches or holes

If Tiled, tiles laid correctly, no damaged tiles

Grout in tiles correct

Floor cleaned and sealed

Customer area wall finishes

Correct Timber panels used

Correct tile finish used

Finishes sealed and in good condition

Walls in view at top of panels are finished and painted

Correct paint finishes have been used

Stainless skirting installed and sealed

Customer Area Ceiling & Painting

Ceiling painted within spec

No ceiling damage or chips, scratches etc

Speaker grills the right colour

Bulkheads and wall painted in spec (where applicable)

Customer Area Furniture

Customer area bin (on castors)

Customer area bin insert

Booth seating - Correct number in store/damage free/fixed to floor, padding fixed to seat

Booth seating - vinyl correct colour

Booth seating tables - Correct colour

Tables & Chairs - Correct number in store/damage free

Rear door

Adequate door locking mechanism


Chubb viewer 50mm or clear panel for glass door

Numeric keypad installed

Door painted(or finished) underneath

Fire Exit Sign on back door

Chequer plate installed on kitchen side of door if swing door


Conveyor Ovens

Each oven on separate circuit

Correct position in store

Conveyor belt tension correct

Ensure secured to floor with lanyard an feet are wound down to the floor

Ovens timer and temperature set (take photo)

Interlock box mounted onto side of SS duct

Gas Pipes from ovens to SS duct secure and not dangerous

3 gas taps supplied

3 power points supplied

Oven commissioning complete

Exhaust Canopy System

SS Duct for services (in correct location)

SS Duct secured to ground & sealed

Canopy condition/operation

Correct canopy installed

Canopy Shroud supplied and installed

Other Equipment / Miscellaneous

Dough mixer (check spindle / bowl rotation should be opposite directions)

Dough sheeter on site and working

Dishwasher on site and working

Dishwasher canopy on site and working

Drivers drop boxes installed in correct location

Trolleys (Correct height & Wheels & bumper)

2 door upright freezer (maintaining temp of -0¡ C)

Makeline commissioned & bain holders present

Makeline can be moved out

Makeline tundish installed and connected

Hot cabinet on site and working

Riva Machine (thick shake) on site and working

Turbo fan oven on site and working

Sides bench on site and free from damage

First Aid box supplied

Cleaners cupboard 150mm from ffl

Employee lockers - 150mm from ffl

Paper towel dispensers on site

Paper towel dispensers installed

Anti Bac. Dispensers on site

Anti Bac. Dispensers installed

Soap dispensers on site

Soap dispensers installed

Rubbers stops behind makelines

1 x Fire Blanket 18 x1.2.m woven glass fire blanket

2 x Fire Extinguishers - 1x2.5kg ABE Dry Chemical, 1 x 2.5kg Wet Chemical

Make chart holder and posters on site

Make chart holder installed

Drinks fridge (maintaining temp of -5°C)

Drinks fridge panel with vents and bolts installed


Add Missing Items

Missing Items

Managers Desk / Comms bench

Desk installed correctly and free of damage

Phone, power and data points in correct positions

ADSL port cabled in at managers desk for laptops



All benches sealed at splashback where required

Reinforced (not with ply)

All benches fixed to walls and floor (except cut bench)

Sauce bench damage free

Dough production bench damage freee

Cut bench damage free

Triple or Double Bowl Sink & Wash Up Area

Sealed at splashback

Secured to floor

Correct tap ware, and is working

Pre wash hose, and is working

Can opener installed (3 bolts)

Bucket trap in sinks

No leaks under

Hot water running

Pizza pan rack installed

All joins and holes under sealed with silicon

Grease trap

Grease trap and vent pipe

Water Supply

Chilled water line (to mixer)

Cleaners Sink (where applicable)

Sealed at splashback / no leaks under

Hot & Cold water

Hand Basins

Correct tap ware - knee type

Sealed at splashback

No leaks under

Water is hot but not unbearable

All joins and holes sealed with silicon


Toilet lights working

Light cover installed

Toilet dispensers (paper and soap)

Grab rail for ambulant cubicle

Hot & Cold water to ceramic hand basin

No leaks, all gaps and plumbing fully sealed

Mechanical ventilation linked to light switch

Wall finishes as per plan

Tiled floor

Locks on door

Toilet signage on door inc push/pull signs. Braille signage 1600mm from floor



Kitchen Area Wall Finishes

Alucobond sheeting all installed as per plans

All alucobond joins and corners sealed

Partitions in correct location

All exposed edges have a SS corner angle

Checker plate behind mixer (sealed& over coving)

Kitchen Area Floor Tiling

Correct floor tiles used


Coving (all internal walls except coldroom)

No cracked or broken tiles

SS corner Angle

Bucket traps 300mm X 300mm

Bucket trap cover can be to be lifted out

Falls to floor waste

Floor wastes positioned correctly as per plan


Flush set plasterboard with paint finish

Corners set neatly and straight

No damaged or scratched areas

Access panels positioned correctly



Sealing of panels

Condensation tundish connected & catching drips

Fans and motor operational (3 fan blower) - centre mounted

Door mounted correctly

Coldroom door alarm on site

Coldroom door alarm installed - set at 1 minute

Clear plastic curtain installed

Coving internal ceiling & wall corners. Silicon sealed.

Light installed with enclosed diffuser

Safety bell

Temp indicator

2mm checker plate panel to interior side of cool room door - swing door only

Emergency release

Running at temp of > 3¡C



Sealing of panels

Condensation tundish connected

Fans and motor operational

Door mounted correctly

Clear plastic curtain installed (if freezer room separate)

Coving internal ceiling & wall corners. Silicon sealed.

Light installed

Safety bell

Temp indicator

Emergency release

Running at temp of > 15¡C



Out side ceiling/awning lights

Customer area lights as per plan

Back of house lights (recessed not surface mounted)

Back door lighting is adequate

Power points in kitchen area as per plan

Power points in customer area (ceiling mounted for signage)

Data cabling labelled with socket numbers & terminated at IT cabinet in counter

Equipment tagged

48 Pole Distribution board

Electrical box & GPO's labelled

Electrical box written GPO List

RCD's to GPO's

Telephone points if required

Illuminated fire exit signs


Order takers and pulse

Order takers delivered & installed

Makeline monitors

Customer monitor bracket supplied and mounted

Customer Monitor installed and operational

Managers Computer installed and operational

Makeline monitors installed and operational

ADSL router instore

Receipt printer installed

Pulse system operational

Internet operational

Sign out pad

GPS System installed and operational

Managers printer present & operational

Digital menuboard installed & operational


Ducted System

Return air vents positioned correctly


Instructions for A/C Present in store

Split System (Cassette Units)

Wall mounted in correct positions


Instructions for A/C Present in store


Store Security

Motion detectors installed & operational

CCTV installed & password provided

Safe Installed

Safe surround installed

Cash drawer installed (bolted)

Auto door release installed

Electric Strike lock / mag lock installed


Electricity meter installed and power being supplied

Gas meter installed / upgraded with gas being supplied

LPG gas bottles secure and caged

EFTPOS ordered and installed

Hot water system cage

Telephone system installed & operational

Back up phone and data lines

Telstra IDF box installed next to data rack

Line hunted tested on all Lines


Store handover folder given to store

CSS Tool box given to store

Shopfitter Paperwork & Project Management

Final council health inspection complete

Final building inspection complete

Food licence approval received

Council has signed off for Occ. certificate

All certificates suppled to council & CSS Project Manager

Overall cleanliness of store


Present at Handover:

Please be aware that this document is not all encompassing and you may also be advised of outstanding items after this form is completed and practical completion of the store.

Shopping Centre/Landloard Representative

Shopfitter's Supervisor's Name

Domino's Representative

Franchise Owner/Operations Manager

I acknowledge and agree that the defects in this checklist were evident at time of handover and are to be rectified prior to final payment being released to the shopfitter.

Domino's Representative Name & Signature
Franchise Owner/Operations Manager Name & Signature

Any further defects notified must be notified in writing (with photos if applicable) to the CSS Project Manager within 14 days of the date of this inspection