1.0 Car park entrance / Goods In / Garden Centre

  • 1.1 Inspect car park surface , trolley bay barrier

  • 1.2 All signage and car park / security lighting operational and timers set correctly.

  • 1.3 All downpipes, drains and channels operational

  • 1.4 Check and report any damage to main gates, perimeter fencing and neighbouring properties.

  • 1.5 Goods in yard surface report or repair potholes

  • 1.6 Confirm car park entrance gates operate and the ability to lock back open is present and being used

  • 1.7 Landscaping - of good standard and not overhanging external signage / public footpaths

  • 1.8 Gas bottle cage locked, and no excessive storage outside of the cages in service yard

2.0 Shop Floor / Roof

  • 2.1 Check all ceiling tiles and replace as necessary.

  • 2.2 Check all stair nosing’s, banisters and fix as necessary.

  • 2.3 Identify and replace all non operational lamps at low level.

  • 2.4 Check condition of shop floor and expansion joints.

  • 2.5 Roof gull nest walk

  • 2.6 Confirm store front entrance barriers are operating correctly

  • 2.7 Auto Doors to store entrance and garden centre - fully working and safety devices working (doors do not close if your in the opening)

  • 2.8 Disabled lift - emergency alarm working and team aware

  • 2.9 Mezz disabled refuge call point system - either permanent in place and operational or another form of temporary system present and working

  • 2.10 Disabled refuge chair in place and tested

  • 2.11 Grab Bag - In location at customer service and store have completed tick sheet

3.0 Colleague / Storage Areas

  • 3.1. Check plumbing and water heater

  • 3.2. Check all ceiling tiles and replace as necessary. Replace any non operational lamps

  • 3.3 All corridors kept clear - no items being stored in fire corridors

4.0 Toilets ( Customer/Colleague)

  • 4.1 Check all cubicles and fixtures repairing as necessary. including baby change facility

  • 4.2 Check operation of taps and condition of pipe work.

  • 4.3 Check lighting and fan are in working order

5.0 Fire/Water checks

  • 5.1 Ensure all fire extinguishers are secure, in place and test date is compliant.

  • 5.2 Ensure all signage is in place and visible.

  • 5.3 Operate fire doors, adjust and lubricate if required

  • 5.4 Fire Damper function check

  • 5.5 Carry out Fire alarm test and record in log book

  • 5.6 Fire doors seals - all in place and not damaged

  • 5.7 Temperatures of hot water recorded?

  • 5.8 Has the shower head been chlorinated and run for at least 2 minutes

6.0 Electrical

  • 6.1 Check trailing leads, extensions and socket outlets for signs of damage, repair as necessary.

  • 6.2 check operation Electric Water Heaters

  • 6.3 Check distribution boards for missing blanks, loose covers, any signs of over heating

  • 6.4 CCTV / intruder alarms / tannoy system (visual only )

  • 6.5 Check plant rooms clean and tidy

  • 6.6 Emergency light check

    1 . Check emergency light neons are on
    2. Check that light operates when keyed over

  • 6.7 RCBO check

7.0 Mechanical

  • 8.1 Emergency Gas Solenoids (Visual Only)

  • 8.2 Roller Shutter/Speed Doors

  • 8.3 HVAC AC system filter clean

  • 8.4 Sewage Plant (Visual Only)

  • 8.5 Dock Levellers

  • 8.6 - Sprinkler testing

  • 8.7 - AHU Filter change (3 times per year)


  • CityFM Technician

  • Homebase Manager

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