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  • Only necessary tools and equipment are in the work area.

  • Only necessary inventory is in the work area.

  • Tools and inventory are located in the most convenient locations.

  • Outdated documents are not present in the work area.

  • Personal items are stored outside of the work area.

Set in Order

  • Storage areas are clearly defined and footprints marked.

  • Shadow boards or foam are used where possible.

  • Walkways and work areas are clearly defined.

  • Tools are labeled with their home location.

  • Waste containers are clearly labeled and footprints marked.


  • Equipment is clean, wiped down, and free of chips and debris.

  • Floors are swept and clean of all debris.

  • Waste containers are emptied regularly.

  • Cleaning equipment is available when needed.

  • Unsafe conditions are identified and labeled.


  • Staging locations for in-coming and out-going work materials are utilized.

  • Up-to-date standard operating procedures are posted in departments.

  • Improvement ideas are documented on department white boards.

  • Regular cleaning schedules are posted and updated daily.

  • All standard 5S supplies are available.


  • Previous audit scores are posted on department white boards.

  • Improvement suggestions are being acted on.

  • A training matrix of required skills per role is posted and up-to-date.

  • Everyone can explain the benefits of 5S.

  • Exceptional performance is recognized.

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