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  • It would be appreciated if you provided some feedback on the course, activities, and assessments that you have completed during your training. Your comments are highly valued and will be used in a confidential manner to better our training program.

Your details - you do not need to include your name on this feedback if you don't want to.

  • Course

  • Trainer/assessor

  • Date

  • Location

Please select the response that best reflects your experience.

  • How do you rate your understanding of the course process?

  • What is the relevance of the training program to your work.

  • Rate the presentation and organisation skills of your trainer/assessor

  • Rate the relevance and knowledge of the trainer/assessor

  • Rate the program/course administration.

Please provide the following details

  • What were the strengths of the program?

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  • 2.)

  • Suggest 2 ways to improve the program:

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  • 2.)

  • Did you receive any feedback on your assessment tasks? (Written or verbal)

  • Was the assessor flexible in their ability to work with your availability?

  • Did your assessor provide practical training on site?

  • Would you recommend this program to others?

  • Do you have any other comments?

  • Thank you for your co-operation and assistance: If you would like further information or follow up in this feedback please provide your name and a contact number.

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