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Customer Area

  • Is the front door clean?

  • Are the neon signs on?

  • Are the floors spotless?

  • Are the dining room tables clean?

  • Is the Bain glass clean?

  • Is the music on?<br>If so, is the content and volume appropriate?

  • Is the TV on? If so, is the volume off and the content appropriate?

  • Is the soda area clean? Lids/straws/coffee items full?

  • Is the ice chute clean? The ice tray clean? Are the soda nozzles clean?

  • Is the chip rack and purse rail full and organized according to the chip chart?

  • Is the bottle drink fridge full and organized properly? Required items: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water, OJ, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Apple slices, Parfait (3), Kid's Minutemaid, Powerade (red&blue)

  • Is the coffee freshly brewed and ready to serve?

  • Is the Fuze tea brewed? Is the lid on it? Is the area clean?

  • Are the restrooms clean and stocked?

  • Are all garbage pails at acceptable levels? Are the insides of the cabinets clean and free of debris?

  • Are the following dust-free: Menu boards, Fans, Air vents, Neon signs & cords?

  • Items of note:

Service Area

  • Is all the Food Safety items checked? Prep labels? Temperatures? FIFO? Dates?

  • Is all food on the Bain below the chill line and fully stocked? Sauces clean and filled?

  • Are freshly baked breads available of every type? Do they look amazing?

  • Are all the breads from yesterday thrown away by 10AM?

  • Are there 3 bags of Flatbreads thawed out and ready to serve? 2 bags of English Muffins thawed and ready to serve?

  • Are the meatballs ready to serve? If its Tuesday, is there an additional cambro?

  • Are there 2 selections of soups ready to serve? Is the Soup Warmer clean and organized? Spoons, soup cups, soup kids, and crackers filled and ready to go?

  • Are the cookies ready and on display in a clean and organized Cookie Holder? Are the $5 Dozen Cookie platters on display with labels and ready to bought?

  • Are the Omlettes and Egg Whites thawed and ready to serve?

  • Is avocado in the Bain and ready to serve?

  • Are the 3 cups sizes available? 21oz, 30oz, 40z? If there is a promotion is the 30oz cup the promotional cup?

  • Is the SpeedOven clean and operational? Is the oven basket in useable condition?

  • Are the Oven and Proofer clean and operational?

  • Is the microwave clean and operational?<br>

  • Is the prep labeled correctly? Is saran wrap being used?

  • Is the prep being made to meet the Subway standard? Is the prep being rotated using FIFO?

  • Is the sanitizer being used in the sink? In the red pails?

  • Is all the food at least 6" off the ground?

  • Items of note:


  • Bain 1 <40

  • Bain 2 <40

  • Refrigerated Back Counter 1 <40

  • Refrigerated Back Counter 2 <40

  • Freezer <0

  • Refrigerator 1 <40

  • Refrigerator 2 <40

  • Refrigerator 3 <40

  • Hotwell >140

  • Soup Warmer >140


  • Are all employees in uniform? (Subway shirt, Subway hat, Apron, Name Tag, proper pants, shoes, and undershirt?)

  • Are all employees saying "Welcome To Subway!"?

  • Is the staff utilizing Thru-Put during peak hours?

  • Are employees using the Script to upsell?

  • Are employees giving a receipt to every customer and informing them of the "Tell Subway" survey?

  • Items of note:

Manager Tasks

  • Are the temperature logs completed for today?

  • Are the bread counts being done today?

  • Is the scale accessible, functional, and clean?

  • Does the restaurant have change? Singles?

  • Items of note:

DM Tasks

  • Does the money on the register match the deposit?

  • Are the unit counts accurately inputted into the register?

  • Do all transactions seem legitimate?

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