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  • Are the buildings, facilities and/or walkways in good condition?

  • Are walkways clearly defined and free of obstructions?

  • Are stairs, platforms and handrails in good condition?

  • Do stairs have non-slip tread?

  • Are the emergency exits signposted and clearly defined? Are they clear of any obstructions?

  • Are the inside of the buildings clean and maintained with a good standard of housekeeping?

  • Are the desks and chairs in good condition?

Fire Protection

  • Are fire extinguishers clearly identifiable and unobstructed?

  • Does the fire extinguisher signage clearly identify the type of fire extinguisher?

  • Is the signage at the correct level (2100mm off the ground) and is the fire extinguisher mounted at the correct height (no more than 1200mm high and the base no lower than 100mm)?

  • Are the fire extinguishers charged and in date?


  • Is the lighting sufficient?

  • Are all lights working and in good condition?

Emergency Response & First Aid Facilities

  • Do staff know where the Emergency Evacuation Point is located?

  • Has there been an evacuation drill in the last 12 months?

  • Are the first aid kits locations clearly labelled?

  • Are the first aid cabinets fully stocked and in date?

  • Is there a list of current First Aid Officers attached near the cabinets?

  • Are emergency numbers displayed?

Hygiene Facilities

  • Are hand basins and toilet areas clean?

  • Is soap and hand towels available?

  • Is the crib room in good and clean condition?

  • Are the rubbish bins emptied regularly?

  • Are there sufficient bins located around the site and easily accessible?

Electrical Equipment

  • Are electrical leads tested and tagged?

  • Are power boards used correctly and not overloaded?

  • No power leads across walkways?

  • Are all power tools in good working condition?

  • Have any power tools been modified?

  • Are any extension cords in / near water?

  • Is all wiring and electrical equipment in good condition?

  • Do all distribution boards have covers and are they closed / locked?


  • Are guards in place and are they appropriate for protecting people?

  • Is the area around machinery clear and clean?

  • Are the Emergency Stop easily accessible?

  • Are PPE, safety and warning signs clearly displayed?

  • Is the machine work area demarcated and clear?

  • Are workers trained and competent to use the machinery?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Is PPE being worn?

  • Is there access to the required PPE?

  • Is there an adequate supply of Out Of Service and Information tags?

Chemical Safety

  • Is there a register of all chemicals on site?

  • Are there current SD sheets available for all chemicals on site?

  • Are all chemicals correctly labelled and in proper containers?

  • Have all used chemicals been disposed of correctly?

  • Are eye wash facilities available and clearly signposted?

  • Have all spills been cleaned up?

  • Is there adequate ventilation for the use of the chemicals?

  • Are all gas bottles stored correctly?

  • Have the gas bottles been properly secured?

  • Is the use of chemicals addressed in the risk assessment and are SD sheets being utilised?

Hand Tools

  • Are all hand tools in a satisfactory condition (i.e. no mushrooming of hammers)

  • Are there any hard-faced hammers being used?

Manual Handling & Lifting Equipment

  • Is all lifting equipment in a satisfactory condition?

  • Do lifting equipment have the current inspection tag?

  • Have heavy items been stored at waist height and are there lifting aids available?

  • Is the floors around storage racks clear and accessible?

Work Benches and Work Shop

  • Are benches at the correct height for work being conducted?

  • Has all rubbish been cleared from bench tops?

  • Have all tools not in use been stored away correctly?

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