Set-up Safety Equipment/Isolate Electrics
Before - Unassembled Refrigeration Cabinet (Unit No.)
Vacuum Drains/Remove Large Items - (Inturn, Stop Drain & Reseal)
Pour 500ml DrainSafe down each Drain (After Vacuum)
Spray CoolSafe (1.5Ltr Diluted) Back, Evaporator & Tray (Leave for 5-10mins)
Pressure Wash Backs, Coils, Trays. (Limited Water)
Install JallyStrips - (1xstrip per 1m of Condensate tray - Place online of water flow)
Wipe&Clean Panels - Spray EasyFinish
Vacuum Honey Combes
Condensate Pump - Clear&Drains Treated
Condensate Drain Vacuum & Testing
After - Re-assemble Refrigeration Cabinet (Unit no.)
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