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Did the candidate complete the following tasks correctly?

  • Ask the residential customer to switch off main power isolation switch?

  • Check that calibration dates of the following were current prior to proceeding (test and tag)?<br>

  • Abnormal voltage detection device (AVDD)?

  • Earth reel?

  • Bonding straps?

  • Undertake self check of AVDD? <br>

  • Undertake self check of AVDD whilst connected to Earth Reel?<br>

  • Push earth steak into ground at least 1.5m away from line?

  • Undertake condition test of low voltage insulated gloves?

  • Fit low voltage insulated gloves & rigger gloves prior to attaching AVDD or bridging conductors to service line?

  • Connect elephant clip to test point ensuring good contact?

  • Check AVDD for presence of an alarm (will alarm itself if 5V or greater is present)?

  • Check AVDD Earth by pressing button to demonstrate continuity and therefore adequacy?

  • Ask candidate what they should do if an alarm sounds. Is response correct?

  • Ensure unit & earth cable are placed in best position to prevent trip hazard?

If service is safe to work on, proceed with the following

  • Wearing protective gloves, proceed to attach bridging conductor either side of service line being worked on?

Upon completion of works

  • Removal of bridging conductor (gloves on)?

  • Removal of AVDD (gloves on - after power has been switched back on if it was switched off)?

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