Focus Four Hazards (These cause 90% of all fatalities)

1.1. Fall Hazards

1.2. Caught-in or -Between Hazards

1.3. Struck by Hazards

1.4. Electrical Hazards

1. Other Risks (These cause the most injuries)

1.1. Blasting / Explosives

1.2. Concrete Construction

1.3. Cranes & Elevators

1.4. Demolition

1.5. Electrical

1.6. Excavations

1.7. Fire Protection

1.8. First Aid

1.9. Flamables

1.10. Floor and Wall Openings

1.11. Gasses, Fumes, Dusts

1.12. General Safety

1.13. Hazard Communication

1.14. Housekeeping

1.15. Illumination

1.16. Lockout/ Tagout

1.17. Maintenance

1.18. Motor Vehicles

1.19. Noise Exposure

1.20. Personal Protection

1.21. Safety Training

1.22. Sanitation

1.23. Scaffolding

1.24. Signs, Signals, Barricades

1.25. Stairways and Ladders

1.26. Steel Erection

1.27. Tools

1.28. Welding and Cutting

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