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  • Station Code (DXX0)


  • Is your Station Chime group for Skip Status updated with photos daily? (Please add a photo of the latest update)

  • Is a Sustainability Tip included in Start of Shift Meetings? (Please add a picture of the latest Sustainability Tip Page)

  • Are Skip visits part of Daily Gemba walks? (Please take photos of current skip status - 1x GW; 1 x DMR; 1 x CB)

  • Was Sustainability discussed in the weekly leadership meeting? (Please add a note to what was discussed this week)

  • Has the Biffa report been reviewed for the previous month? (Please N/A if report is not available yet)

  • Have all Flags been reported via a SIM? (Please N/A if there are No Flags)

  • Are there any Lonely bins in Station? (All bins should be combined with at least 2 options - GW+DMR)

  • Is all the Signage behind / on bins or next to skips correct? (If compliant, please add 1 x photo of the skip signage and 1 x photo of bin signage) )

  • Has a Sustainability Fun / Engagement activity been planned / completed for this month?

  • Are All Waste Streams being utilised well? Eg. Wood / Metal / Pet Food / Hazmat?

  • Is the Sustainability Corner Set up and updated for this month? (please add a photo)

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