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Swimming Pools built or installed before 1/09/1986

  • The pool fence must be at least 1200mm high all the way around measured from the outside of the pool

  • If a boundary fence forms part of the pool fence, it must be at least 1200mm

  • The gap between all vertical or near vertical rails on the fence and gate must be less than 100mm

  • The gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground is no more than 100mm

  • There are no objects within 1200mm of the top of the pool fence on the outside

  • The pool fence must be well maintained and in good state of repair (eg no holes, broken rails or palings)

  • If perforated or mesh fencing is used, the holes must be 13mm or less

  • The gate must be self closing and latch by itself from any position

  • The gate latch must be working so that the gate is secure and, once closed, can't be pulled open

  • The gate must open outwards, away from the pool

  • The release for the gate latch must be 1500mm above ground level,<br><br>OR<br><br>The release for the gate latch must be located on the inside of the fence and be surrounded by a 450mm shield so that it must be accessed by reaching over the fence or through a latch access point that is 1200mm above ground level. The gate latch itself must be at least 150mm below the top of the fence or latch shield access point

  • If a wall forms part of the barrier, there are no openings greater than 100mm

  • There must be an appropriate warning sign, including details of resuscitation (CPR) techniques, in the immediate vicinity of the pool area and which can be easily read from a distance of 3 metres

  • The pool fence must be clear of any objects such as BBQs, trees, rocks, shrubs and deck chairs that could help a small child climb over the fence

For pools and spas built on waterfront, small-sized and large-sized properties. Swimming Pools built/installed with door and window as barrier

  • Property owners had the choice of either fencing their pools, or having latch-able doors and restricted window openings


  • There is a latch on the door at least 1500mm above floor level on every door entering the pool area

  • There is no pet doors or openings to the pool area greater than 100mm


  • The windows can only open to a maximum of 100mm, OR

  • The windows are totally covered by bars or a mesh screen, OR

  • The height from the sill of the lowest opening panel of a window (to the pool area) is at least 1800mm from the ground

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