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  • Has there been any precipitation since the last inspection?

  • Approximate Amount (in):

  • Storm Start Date:

  • Storm Duration (hrs):

  • Current Weather:

  • Are there any discharges at the time of the inspection?

  • Do you suspect that discharges may have occurred since the last inspection?

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Previous Inspection - Responsive Actions Due

Inspection Details

  • 1) Is there off site tracking from construction entries?

  • 2) Are stockpiles stabilized and/or protected per permit requirements?

  • 3) Are perimeter controls ( I.e.- wattle ) installed,functional, and maintained?

  • 4) Is silt fence properly installed, functional, and maintained?

  • 5) Are drain inlet CBP's installed, clean, and functioning?

  • 6) Are there BMP's in place to reduce dust on site?

  • 7) Are dewatering measures in place, properly constructed, using dewatering socks, and pillows to prevent illicit discharge?

  • 8) Are liquid chemicals, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste stored in secondary containment and free from leaks and exposure?

  • 9) Is there any visible evidence of erosion ( I.e. rills) on site?

  • 10) Are wet ponds, sediment basins, or sediment traps constructed in accordance to SWPPP's standards and functioning correctly?

  • 11) Are construction materials stored in approved manner?

  • 12) Is there evidence of, or the potential for, increased pollutant (e.g., sediment, fuel, concrete waste, portable toilet waste, etc.) loading to enter the storm water conveyance system due to lack of maintenance or improper BMP installation?

  • 13) Are portable sanitary facilities located 50' away from any DI and located to avoid conveyance to any DI's ?

  • 14) Are trash containers free from over filling and are there BMP's to prevent wind dislodging of contents or protection from rainfall?

  • 15) Are concrete wash outs constructed as approved BMP's functioning, and maintained?

  • 16) Are there active treatment systems ATS ( i.e. Baker Tanks / Rain For Rent) in use and are they in proper working order?

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  • The above signature also shall certify that this facility is in compliance with the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and the State General Permit for Stormwater Discharge from large and small construction activities if there are not any instances of non-compliance identified above.

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