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Hazard Identification

Focus on Critical Risks -- Safety Essentials

  • Am I working with electricity?

  • Is there a risk I could fall more than 2m?

  • Is there a risk I could become fatigued whilst driving?

  • Am I working in the vicinity of utility services?

  • Am I completing excavation works or working in excavations or trenches deeper than 1.5m?

  • Am I working in in the vicinity of vehicular traffic?

  • Am I working in in or around mobile plant?

  • Am I working in in a remote or isolated area?

  • Am I performing heavy lifting using a crane or plant?

  • Could I be exposed to asbestos?

  • Am I working in a confined space?

  • If you answered YES to any of the questions, you must have a completed and approved SWMS relevant to the activity.

  • SWMS Ref.:

  • Other hazards:

  • Hazard
  • identify hazards not covered in the SWMS or if you answered NO to all the questions above and are not using a SWMS.

  • Tick box if all hazards identified are covered by SWMS.

Site Hazards

Identified Site Hazards

  • Access & egress to site

  • Asbestos

  • Atmospheric contaminants

  • Confined spaces

  • Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Chemicals/Substances

  • Demolition

  • Electrical (equipment &/or installations – Power Lines)

  • Excavations

  • Falling Objects

  • Falls – on same level

  • Falls – from one level to another

  • Flammable & combustible substances

  • Formwork erection/dismantling

  • Hazard Manual Tasks

  • Lasers

  • Lead

  • Lifting/suspending equipment

  • Lighting (Day / Night works)

  • Mobile Plant

  • Power tools

  • Public

  • Shaft or trench

  • Temperature extremes

  • Utilities (underground/ overhead services and electric lines - DBYD)

  • Work near/over water

  • Work Outdoors

  • Young workers/Apprentices

  • Hazardous process (i.e. welding)

  • Hot Works

  • High Risk Construction Work

Environmental Hazards

Identified Environmental Hazards

  • Air quality

  • Bulk excavation/spoil

  • Construction waste disposal

  • Contaminated soil/water

  • Dewatering/pump out

  • Habitats (protected flora/fauna)

  • Hazardous waste disposal / biological hazards

  • Heritage & Archaeology

  • Noise or vibration

  • Noisy work (neighbourhood)

  • Stormwater/sediment control

  • Traffic & parking Inappropriate or incompatible storage of reactive or flammable chemicals or substances

  • Uncontrolled discharge off-site of production wastes, particularly liquids

  • Slurry or other discharges

  • Spills of hazardous/toxic chemicals

Assess & manage the risks

  • Assess and manage the risks - *Applicable Safe Work Instruction / Environmental Instruction.

  • Hazard
  • Risk Rating:

  • SWI / EL*

  • Control Measures:

  • Assess overall risk of the task being performed with the controls in place as noted above or in the SWMS to check they are effective at eliminating or minimizing risk to an acceptable level.

  • Overall risk rating:

  • Is the risk at an acceptable level (moderate or low) to proceed?

  • Contact your Supervisor to discuss alternative control measures. Reassess risk and control measures if planned work process or work conditions change.

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