Upon Arrival

The teacher arrived on time (20 minutes before the first lesson of the day)

The teacher dressed appropriately? Collared shirt, dress pants, shirt tucked in, etc.

The teacher set up the classroom on time.

The teacher greeted the students

The teacher prepared for the daily lessons (text books, prints, flash cards, drinks, and snacks)

Classroom Management

Did the teacher use the 80:20 model?

How many times did the teacher use the whiteboard?
How many times did the teacher make the students do listen and repeat?

Students seemed to enjoy the lesson / smiling, laughing, speaking without hesitation

After class

Did the teacher give homework?

Did the teacher ask for feedback (was the lesson too easy, too difficult, are there any questions, etc.)

The teacher said goodbye to the students


The teacher used the iPad during the lesson

The teacher seemed to enjoy themself. Smiling, laughing, and enthusiastic during the lesson