Effective Planning

Follows prescribed curriculum

Displays evidence of teacher preparation

Directions to students are clearly thought out and well stated

Materials for class are organized and available

Uses available materials and resources

Provides enrichment and/or remediation where needed

Considers time available and aware of adequate pacing

Carefully plans student assignments and plans student groupings according to instructional needs

Teaching Techniques

Utilizes the use of notebook and/or other guides effectively

Demonstrates sufficient mastery of content

Makes effective use of a variety of available materials

Makes clear, practical demonstrations

Provides for student participation

Uses logical, purposeful and thought-provoking questions

Provides interesting and adequate reinforcement

Varies procedures in working with pupils of varying abilities

Provides motivation

Student/Teacher Relationships

Maintains student interest and attention

Works constructively with individual or group

Manages routine so as to avoid confusion

Exhibits poise, voice control, and tact

Graciously accepts less than "right" response with slow students

Uses positive statements to students

Makes supportive statements to students

Maintains a friendly and respectful teacher-student relationship


General Observation / Recommendations

Name & Signature of Teacher / Instructor
Name & Signature of Evaluator