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  • Client

  • Vehicle

  • Tag #

  • Milage

  • Operator

  • Date (Ist day of the work week)

  • Location


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    1. Please answer "Yes", "No" or "N/A" on the questions below
    2. Add photos and notes by clicking on the paperclip icon
    3. To add a Corrective Action click on the paperclip icon then "Add Action," provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date
    4. Complete audit by providing digital signature
    5. Share your report by exporting as PDF, Word, Excel or Web Link

    "Yes" - item meets inspection standards
    "No" - item is damaged and requires attention


  • Headlights- High and Low Beam

  • Brake Lights

  • Parking / Tail Lights

  • Turn Signals

  • Four Way Emergency Lights


  • At least 1 MM of tread over the entire traction surface

  • Free of breaks or cuts

  • Properly inflated

  • Spare tire properly inflated, free of breaks or cuts

  • Jack & Lug wrench


  • Windshield free of cracks

  • Windows operational, free of cracks

  • Mirrors free of cracks

Climate control

  • Defroster in working order

  • Heating system in working order

  • Air Conditioning system in working order

Emergency Equipment / Paperwork

  • Fire extinguisher accessible & up to date / Visual Inspection

  • First Aid Kit accessible / stocked

  • Accident Report Form in glove box

  • Registration in glove box

  • Insurance paperwork in glove box


  • Bumpers not bent or damaged in a hazardous way

  • Under vehicle-check for leaks and foreign objects

  • Seat belts in working order

  • Brakes in working order, not grinding or squealing

  • Parking Brake in working order

  • Exhaust system not rusted, no visible holes

  • Safety equipment present / working order

  • Hand Truck inspection (wheels, welds / general good condition)

  • Horn in working order

  • Fluid levels full

  • Hoses and Belts in good condition


  • I certify the above items were inspected on the date indicated

  • Operator's Name and Signature

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