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A. means of access and egress

  • 1. Can vehicle enter the relevant area and conduct work safely?

  • 2. Are stairs fitted with hand rails/ladder with safety cage and fixed to ground and tower?

  • 3. Are rooftops/platforms fitted with safety rails?

  • 4. Are exits properly marked and lit?

  • 5. Are work ways clear of obstructions and equipment arranged to provide easy access to exits?

  • 6. Have various permits been acquired and on site?

B. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • 1. Helmets

  • 2. Proper harness and double lanyards?

  • 3. Safety shoes?

  • 4. Safety goggles?

  • 5. Ropes/ pullies used are in good condition?

  • 6. Safety vests?

  • 7. Gloves?

  • 8. Ear protection?

  • 9. Two radios available and in good working condition?

  • 10. Face masks?

C. Civil Works

  • 1. Machinery in good condition?

  • 2. Proper safety signs?

  • 3. Earthing properly installed ?

  • 4. Workers are aware of their individual duties and responsibilities?

  • 5. Safety barriers are erected around planed excavation area?

  • 6. Is equipment stored in specific areas only ( not attended)?

  • 7. Are the towers or masts based proper for the installation (levelled)?

  • 8. Is the building or the sol good enough to withstand the installation of tower or mast on top of it?

  • 9. Structural design/wind loads study performed on site?

  • 10. Towers/ masts / poles are as per MTN Specification?

  • 11. Nuts and bolts screwed and secure?

  • 12. Safety hooks and support mechanism properly placed and secure?

D. Electrical works

  • 1. Are all electrical supplies isolated ( appropriate 'DO NOT TURN ON' signs displayed on power supply switch?

  • 2. Are appropriate safety/hazard and warning signs in place?

  • 3. Earthing and lightning system checked and installed correctly?

  • 4. Workers are aware of their individual duties and responsibilities?

  • 5. Are all people working on site qualified to do the job?

  • 6. Is the equipment stored in specific areas only ( not attended)

  • 7. Are there safety and hazard signs of electrical installation to indicate dangers on site?

  • 8. Electrical study performed and on site according to MTN specifications?

  • 9. Are power cables installed properly in trays and in line?

  • 10. Visible labels in all cables?

  • 11. Is the electrical installation according to 16th edition of electrical regulations of B.S. 7671?

E. Telecommunication works

  • 1. Is the tower safe for climbing?

  • 2. Is the equipment ( needed to be installed on the tower) heavy and need a crane?

  • 3. Are all tools needed in proper maintained condition?

  • 4. Does the tower support the equipment weight that will be placed on it?

  • 5. Foot pegs installed on tower/mast/pillar?

  • 6. Equipment labelled?

  • 7. Extra brackets and supports are adequate for out door use?

  • 8. Construction fixings are properly installed and secure?

  • 9. Workers are aware of their duties and responsibilities?

F. Aviation lights and signs

  • 1. Beacon lights and signs based on aviation authority installed?

  • 2. Electronic equipment as per Local Aviation Regulations?

G. Certification

  • 1. Do all workers carry a valid appropriate ID Card?

  • 2. Are personnel qualified for all proposed works to be done and can they provide proof of certification and training?

H. Physical Security

  • 1. Perimeter fencing is without damage?

  • 2. Perimeter fencing is at the correct height?

  • 3. The gate/door to site is secure and without damage.

  • 4. CCTV is working correctly ( Where applicable)

  • 5. CCTV area is signs displayed?

  • 6. Fire extinguishers are mounted correctly?

  • 7. Fire Extinguishers are not damaged?

  • 8. Fire extinguishers have been maintained and are not expired?

  • 9. Sensor lights are operating correctly (where fitted)?

  • 10. Fire hazards have been removed ( undergrowth, grass, weeds, trees, waste etc) ?

I. Miscellaneous/other

  • 1. Environmental hazards controlled?

  • 2. Wild life, snakes, rats, etc deterred from site?

  • 3. Mudslides, loose rocks, debris are directed away from site working area?

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