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Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

  • Please review all the items below


  • IT Organization chart & Client structure (quantity, type, location)

  • Incorporation Documents of the Company

  • Employee List – name, responsibility, salary, start date

  • Help Desk approach & Change Management processes

  • Key support issues & challenges

Financial Statements

  • Audited and unaudited consolidated financial statements of the business

  • Budget projections and business plans

  • Compared past budgets with actual experience to check accuracy of projections


  • CPU’s & location

  • Database

  • Networks by location (LAN/WAN)

  • Telecommunications/connectivity approach

  • Stability? Life expectancy? Replacement/upgrade strategy?

Systems Software

  • Operating systems

  • Application systems development software

  • Database Management systems

  • Security

  • Current technology? Life expectancy? Replacement/upgrade strategy?

Architecture and Code

  • Architecture Review

  • Legacy Components

  • Third-party/open source components

  • Code Quality


  • Application systems (Quantify all in use)

  • Electronic interfaces

  • Special processes

  • Standard across the network?

  • Approach to release management

  • Report Writing capabilities

  • Support approach & known issues

  • Stability? Life expectancy? Replacement/upgrade strategy?


  • Large scale projects – i.e., reengineering, new systems, SW development

  • Mid-range enhancements

  • Software support backlog

  • New business development needs

  • Productivity enhancements

  • Client requirements

  • New technology R&D

  • Consulting and/or contractor needs anticipated (next 12 months)

Budget and Trends

  • Personnel

  • Software maintenance

  • Hardware maintenance

  • Equipment leases & rental

  • Supplies

  • Data Communications

  • Voice communications

  • Outside contractors

  • Rent related to IT equipment and staff

  • Consulting/contractors

  • Material technology-related expenses due to the company’s industry

Capital Budget

  • Immediate needs (next 6 months)

  • Anticipated need for normal growth (next 12-18 months)


  • Server application software licenses

  • PC software licenses

  • Software support & maintenance

  • Hardware leases

  • Hardware maintenance

  • Software and/or hardware purchase agreements (ownership)

  • Contract programmers or other consulting agreements

Computer Operations

  • Service level – response time, system availability, report distribution, etc.

  • Network management – circuit uptime, new installations, changes planned

  • Batch processes

Public Documents

  • Publicly-filed documents

  • Press Releases about the company/product

  • Social media pages

  • Uploaded videos regarding the company/product


  • Storage of sessions

  • Separation of services across servers

  • Bounds and constraints of services

  • Segmentation of users into pods


  • General Comments

  • Conducted by: (Name and Signature)

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