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Weld Shop Operation

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Procedure & Work Order Readiness

Procedure & Work Order Readiness

  • Routing, DBI and drawing available & to its latest revision?<br>

Personnel Competence

Personnel Competence

  • Welder understand on periodic machine maintenance program and performs the inspection? Verify the records.

  • Verify how welder/ leader control equipment calibration & track expiry?

  • Welder knows how to perform post-welding visual inspection?

  • Welder aware of the specifications (WPS or Part Report) to follow & how to get them?<br><br>

Control of Welding Operation

Control of Welding Operation

  • Availability of welding cleanstart readiness:<br>• Weld Map<br>• Welding Checklist

  • Verify all the actual parameter according to the checklist & WPS (State WPS number) • GTAW • SMAW • SAW

  • Welder knows how to check shielding gas preparation / leakage?<br>• Check leakage on the gas nozzle

  • Welder knows how to check welding wire cleanliness?<br>• Visually check wire cleanliness<br>• Wipe with tissue to confirm<br>• Inform leader if suspect contamination

  • Welder knows how to control of interpass temperature at critical area (bevel, small ID)?<br>• To perform a spot check on production piece (3" from bevel)<br>

  • Welder/fitter knows how to do levelling & centering for the work piece?<br>• Check machine misalignment using dial clock or water level

  • Welder knows how to perform Job surface preparation and cleaning?<br>• Cleaning using thinner, wipe with tissue, polish using fan grinder (if required).<br>• Check physical production piece

  • Correct information filled in Welding Logbook?<br>• Fill in Welding Logbook with all information required e.g. welding sequence sketch, project, part no., work order & unusual condition found during welding.<br>

  • Process Abnormalities<br>• Operator know and understand the abnormalities flow<br>• Give example of criteria and action for the process abnormalities

  • To follow tacking bullet as LWI-WG-009M <br>• 20” pipe (3 Bullet)<br>• 30” pipe (4 Bullet)<br>• 36” pipe (4 Bullet)

  • Follow weld sequence and remove bullet after during/after complete GTAW process.<br><br>20” X Thickness 1-2” ?<br>30” X Thickness 1-2” ?<br>36” X Thickness 1-2” ?

  • Verified grinder disc or cutter expiry date? Expiring date location

  • How do we want to stop X-axis/horizontal movement during welding?

  • How do we want to stop bumping/jerking during welding?

  • Which pendant is used during welding?

  • How did SAW wire placement? <br><br>Must be at weld toe<br>Wire Guidance in front of Torch.

  • What is the condition of weldment before capping?

  • Which location for wire placement prior capping?

  • Postheat Requirement<br>- Heat up till maximum interpass temperature prior to postheat<br>- Postheat setup need to be complete within 15 minute only



  • Quality policy<br>• Understand and able to explain the Quality Policy<br>

  • Information Board<br>• Explain all the detail from the information board<br>

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