• Areas/facilities inspected

  • Department (e.g. MEM, Plant, Mining, Utilities)

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Inspection team

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • WWTP
  • WWTP Inspected

  • Has sampling and discharge volume readings been conducted as per the licence conditions?

  • Have recent monitoring results complied with the licence?

  • Are pumps in good working order?

  • Are tanks, pipes, screens free of spills or leaks?

  • Is the WWTP area (excluding discharge or sprayfields) free from weeds and vegetation?

  • Are sludge drying bed levels kept at a minimum and stormwater diverted away?

  • Is sludge dried and disposed of appropriately?

  • Area free of spills or leaks?

  • Is the rag/screen house maintained and in working order including waste disposed of?

Treatment Disposal Method

  • What is the treated waste water disposal method?

  • Is the area fenced and signposted?

  • Are noxious weeds present inside the Sprayfield?

  • Are sprinklers equally distributed and functioning correctly?

  • Is there evidence of pond overflow above the safe operating level?

  • Are weeds present inside the ponds?

  • Is the area fenced and signposted?

  • Is the discharge point free from vegetation and weeds?

  • Is fauna egress matting available and in good condition?

  • Is the discharge point free from vegetation and weeds?

Actions & Sign Off

Sign Off

  • Area owner / representative sign off

  • Environmental Team Sign Off

Summary of Actions

  • Action description and number

  • Action
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