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Management of H&S

  • Is the H&S policy school specific?

  • Are all staff aware of the policy?

  • Are first aiders details displayed and is this up to date?

  • Are checks carried out on first aid boxes and is this recorded?

  • Are all accidents and near misses recorded on the form?

  • Are investigations carried out and is this recorded?

  • Is the H&S law poster displayed and does it contain the relevant contact details?

  • Have all actions from Fire/Lockdown drills been closed out?

  • Are all statutory compliance items on up to date?

Risk Assessments

  • Are site specific risk assessments in place for all activities?

  • Are risk assessments reviewed and revised within a suitable time frame?

  • Is there evidence staff have read and understood the risk assessments?


  • Are CoSHH assessments in place for all hazardous substances?

  • Are there safety data sheets for each substance used?

  • Are CoSHH assessments reviewed and revised within a suitable time frame?

  • Is there a procedure for dealing with a chemical spill?

  • Are chemicals stored in accordance with guidelines e.g., CLEAPSS

  • Is appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available?

  • Is PPE stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines?

  • Are ventilation systems e.g., LEV inspected every 14 months?


  • Are staff aware they must keep their workplaces tidy?

  • Are teachers encouraged to visually check their classrooms for hazards before class?

  • Are staff aware of the Estates help desk system for any hazards e.g., missing tiles, uneven surface, damage to carpet or ceiling tiles, etc.?

  • Is the ventilation and temperature in classrooms adequate?

  • Are all lights working?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Is the equipment working adequately?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Has unsafe equipment been isolated?

  • Are exits clear and free from obstructions?

  • Are potentially hazardous areas (Kitchen, labs, workshops etc) locked when unsupervised?


  • Have contractor’s been appropriately vetted using the Estates procedure?

  • Are all contractors on your Estates list fully up to date?

  • Have all active contractors been assessed for quality on the Estates contractor list?

  • Are all active contractors documents up to date?

  • Have all inactive contractors been removed from the system?

  • Are contractors asked to report to the office prior to commencing any work?

  • Are contractors fully conversant with site procedures?


  • Is there an in-date asbestos register in place?

  • Are all remedials actions completed?

  • Is the management plan up to date?

  • Are all staff aware of ACMs on site?

  • If ACMs are present, are contractors aware?

  • Are suitable signs and labels in place?

Electrical safety

  • Has all electrical equipment had a Portable Appliance Test? Are records kept?

  • Are PAT stickers clearly displayed and in date?

  • Has the Electrical Installation Condition Report been completed in the last 5 years? Are records kept?

  • Are all plugs, leads or cables in good condition not damaged or frayed?

  • Is all defect electrical equipment labelled and removed from use?

  • Are lightning conductor inspection and test records available?

  • Are distribution boards free from clutter?

Fire safety

  • Is there an in-date fire risk assessment in place?

  • Are all remedial actions completed?

  • Are monthly fire extinguisher checks in place?

  • Are emergency lights tested monthly and is this recorded?

  • Are fire alarms tested weekly and is this recorded?

  • Are fire blankets available?

  • Is the SEMP school specific and are staff aware of their roles?

  • Are evacuation drills being carried out termly and is this recorded on the form?

  • Are fire alarm call points tested weekly and recorded? (a different call point to be tested weekly on a rotational basis)

  • Is there a logbook in place and is this updated regularly with all the mandatory checks?

  • Is all fire fighting equipment in good condition and free from obstructions?

  • Are all fire safety signs in good condition and legible?

  • Are fire doors in good condition and are Intumescent strips in place?

Gas safety

  • Do all boilers have an in-date gas safety certificate?

  • Are all remedial actions completed?

  • Are all plant rooms free from clutter?


  • Does the Academy have a Legionella Risk Assessment that was completed in the last 2 years?

  • Are all remedial actions completed?

  • Are temperature checks carried out on hot water systems monthly?

  • Are shower heads disinfected quarterly?

  • Are calorifiers inspected annually?

  • Are cold water storage tanks inspected annually?

  • Is the logbook updated regularly with all the mandatory in house checks?

Plant/Tools & Equipment

  • Is a ladder register and checklist in place and reviewed termly?

  • Is there any significant use of power tools/machinery? (If yes, a register of equipment should be in place which identifies any significant safety issues to consider, (Noise and vibration levels, guards that should be in place, PPE required, maintenance or training / instruction required)

  • Are all PE and outdoor play equipment inspected annually by a competent contractor?

  • Are electronic powered gates/door subjected to regular maintenance and inspections by a competent person? (In particular for gates ensure that force limitation and all safety controls for electronic gates are being checked and working properly as part of that process.)


  • Are passenger lifts serviced regularly (6 monthly)?

  • Is there a procedure for responding to passenger alarms in place?


  • Is there a list of nominated bus drivers?

  • Have drivers completed the MiDAS training in the last 4 years? Are records kept?

  • Are driving licenses checked annually to identify any penalties which might affect insurance cover?

  • Are all inspection, MOT/servicing records in place?

  • Is the Fleet tracker on up to date?


  • Is there clear signage directing visitors to the main reception/other services on site?

  • Is access to the building adequately controlled?

  • Is there a clearly defined route between site entrance(s) and reception with direct access to children avoided where practicable? (Where the access routes mean visitors could potentially gain access to pupils a risk assessment should be in place which demonstrates that there is effective supervision.)

  • Is external lighting adequate?

  • Are gates and perimeter fencing of adequate height and well maintained?

  • Is access to low roofs adequately restricted? (Any anti-climb paint/anti-scale devices used should be clearly signed)

  • Are any fragile roof surfaces identified by signage?

  • Are external storage/waste bins secured and located away from buildings?


  • Are all new and temporary staff provided with induction training on arrival?

  • Is there a Training Matrix in place and is it up to date?


  • Are lights on where they should be?

  • Is there adequate lighting in communal areas?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Are banisters in stairways secure?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Are all steps free from damage, not overworn or broken?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Are window frames adequate?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Can windows be opened (where required)?

  • Is glazing secure? (not cracked, broken or any signs of wear)

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Have areas been identified where safety glazing is necessary?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Are all emergency exits free from obstruction?

  • Are roof areas safe? do not have any loose or broken tiles, or loose or broken coping stones?

  • Have you logged this onto the Estates help desk?

  • Are buildings free from large cracks?

  • Have these been assessed to ensure structure stability and safety?

  • Are pedestrian routes within the site clearly defined and segregated from vehicles?

  • Is there a risk assessment in place demonstrating the controls required to mitigate the risk to pedestrians?

  • Has a tree survey been conducted where required?

  • Is adequate access to the site maintained for emergency services?

Swimming Pool

  • Is there a swimming pool risk assessment in place and have all identified actions been addressed?

  • Is there a written normal operating procedure (NOP) and emergency action plan (EAP) in place?

  • Have the staff who operate the swimming pool plant undertaken as a minimum the 2-day National Pool Careers Certificate within the last 5 years?

  • Do staff who teach swimming hold an appropriate qualification?

  • Are suitable rescue provisions available?

  • Is the area secure when unsupervised to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Have risk assessments and qualifications been verified for external lettings?

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