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  • Crew visited:

  • Job number:

  • Project:

  • Conducted on

  • Location
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  • Client / Client representative:

  • Party manager:

  • Field administrator:

  • Operational supervisor:

  • Prepared by:

  • The Safety department will be conducting a formal audit of your crew.
    You will be given ample notice to prepare for your pending Crew Safety Audit, a copy of the audit form is directed to your attention to provide an overview of the area we intended to cover and to assist your document preparation requirement


  • Pictures:

  • Location:
  • Field office exhibits professional standards ?

  • Regular crew safety committee meeting are heald, meeting minutes recorded and directed to Head Office?

  • Corporate safety policies are posted as required?

  • BU policies are posted and up to date?

  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is complete and accurate?

  • ERP procedures have been explaines to all employees?

  • ERP documents have been distributed as required?

  • Labour posters are located inside the office as requires?

  • Continuous hazard reporting system are up to date?

  • Employee training spread sheets are current and accurate?

  • Safety package contain all the requires information, including contractor safety information?

  • Near miss reporting systems are utilized, and encouraged?

  • Employees are issued reliable communication system?

  • Safety manuals and MSDS binders are available?


  • Pictures:

  • Copy of the required legislation readily available at the field office and respective worksite?

  • Management regularly refers to legislation and regulation during planning initiatives?

  • Management personnel have copies of the required legislative safety acts and regulations?

  • Workers are made aware of their legislative rights and responsibilities ?

  • Mandatory legislative posters are located as required?

Training and communication: new employee orientation

  • Pictures:

  • New hire employee training is complete and documented?

  • Policies and procedures are explained to new employees?

  • All new hire orientation are documented?

  • Training awareness follow up initiatives are conducted?

Job specific training

  • Job specific training is conducted?

  • Job specific (competency) training is conducted?

  • Qualified personnel are used to conduct job training?


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  • Sub contractor' signature:

  • Company:

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  • Sub contractor' signature:

  • Company:

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  • Sub contractor' signature:

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  • Company:

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  • Sub contractor' signature:

  • Copies of contractors' Safety management programs are available on site / Signed off on Tesla's manual?

  • Copies of contractors' personnel training certifications are obtained and available on site?

  • Contractors are aware of our ERP and copies were issued?

  • Are theses procedures to ensure contractors have effective communication system in place?

  • Contractor liability and vehicle insurance coverage complies with tesla exploration requirements?

Crew training

  • Adequate first aid certified employees are on site (51% minimum) as required?

  • First aid certified employees are distributed thought crew operations?

  • First aid qualification standards. Are maintained?

  • First aid certified employees are aware of their responsibilities?

Off road

  • All off road operators are certified machines?

  • All off road operators are aware of their responsibilities?

  • Off road operator field activities are monitored by field supervisor personnel?

WHMIS, HM2, MSDS training or equivalent.

  • All Tesla crew members are WHMIS & H2S trained?

  • Training is completed on a current basis?

  • Crew members are periodically questioned on MSDS?

  • MSDS binders are available on crew as required?

  • MSDS availability notices are posted as required?

T.D.G. / HAzMat training

  • All designated crew members are trained as required?

  • All vehicle placards are attached as required (4 sides)?

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  • Bills of lading are documented and correct?

Explosive handling

  • All blisters are certified for legislated followed?

  • Boasters permits are with the blisters?

  • Blasters regulations are adhered to?

  • Blasted are aware of their responsibilities?

New hire orientation

  • New hire guidelines are being followed?

  • New hire orientation are documented?

  • Policies and procedures are discussed and distributed to the safety advisor?

Vehicle inspection

  • Pictures:

  • Per-use vehicle inspection are conducted as per scheduled?

  • Pre-use vehicle inspection are documented on our form?

  • Vehicle inspection results are completed?

  • Ensure all Tesla drivers complete log boom as required?

Vibrator inspection

  • Pictures:

  • Inspections are being conducted as per schedule ?

  • Inspections results are documentd?

  • Inspection results are corrected?

Heavy equipment inspection

  • Pictures:

  • Inspections are conducted as per scheduled?

  • Inspection results are documented?

  • Inspection results are being corrected?

Reports on file

  • First aid records are maintained on file?

  • Accident / Incident reports are on file ?

  • Inspection reports are on file?

  • Near miss / tailgate and safety meeting are on file?

  • Training records are on file?

  • Follow-up records are on file?

  • Housekeeping records are on file?

Safety meetings

  • Picture:

  • Regular safety meetings are conducted and documented?

  • Safety meeting minutes are reviews by the party manager, supervisor, and safety advisor?

  • Feedback is received from the party manager, supervisor, and safety advisor after safety meeting minutes are reviewed, comments and recommendations are documented?

  • Safety meeting held are site specifics?

  • Crew members directly participate in safety meeting?

Crew safety performance statistics

  • Daily safety statistics are calculated?

  • Monthly safely statistics are calculated?

  • Monthly safety statistics are reported to Head Office on time?


  • Accidents are being reported and investigated?

  • Accidents are documented?

  • Crew is advised of accidents investigation results?

Near miss and Tail gate meeting

  • Near misses are reported, investigated, and resolved?

  • Near misses are documented?

  • Crew members are informed of reported near miss results?

  • Tailgate safety meetings are holds on regular basis?

  • Tailgate safety meetings are documented?

Recording truck / Dog house

  • Observer's name:

  • Select date

  • Add location
  • Add media

  • Observer's Signature:

  • The Recording Truck is clean and organized?

  • The Recording Truck conveys a professional image?

  • Government approval has been posted?

  • Parameter sheet has been signed off?

  • The ERP is in place?

  • Rare there any apparent safety violations?

  • Fire extinguishers?

  • First aid kit?

  • Flare kit?

  • Carbon monoxide detector?

  • The vehicle cab is clean and organized?

  • Safety manual is inside the recorder?

  • MSDS I binder is inside the recorder and notice posted?

  • Observer log are legible and comply with standards?

  • Are there indicators that the observer is stressed or fatigued?

  • Indicators:

  • Pictures:


  • Select date

  • Add location
  • Coordinator' signature::

  • Clean and organized?

  • Professional image?

  • Coordinator and helpers using the required PPE?

  • Regulation fire extinguishers, first aid kits, eye wash station, stretchers, ERP, and road signs are available?

  • Regulation fire fighting equipment is available?

  • Coordinator conveys confidence and control?

  • Are there indicators that the coordinator is stressed or fatigued?

  • Indicators:

  • Pictures:


  • Contractor:

  • Picture:

  • Add location
  • Select date

  • Pilot's signature:

  • License details:

  • Pilot's signature:

  • License details:

  • Pilot's signature:

  • License details:

  • Mechanic's signature:

  • Mechanic's signature:

  • Mechanic's signature:

  • Proper signage at staging with defined landing zones?

  • Pilot and engineer are using regulation PPE?

  • ERP in place / Qualification documentation in place / copied?

  • Regulation fire fighting equipment in place?

  • Did you observe the pilot flying?

  • Are there indicators that the pilot is stressed or fatigued?

  • Indicators:

  • Pictures:

  • Comments:

Vehicles and off road:

  • Comment on a unit & driver basis of your observations regarding vehicles and quads, including general condition and safety equipment.

  • Provide comments regarding your general observations of the vibrator units, include conversations with vibrator operators or technicians. Comment on the general conditions of each vibrator, cleanliness, and safety equipment.


  • Comment on your observations while observing or auditing shooters in action, note the length of the firing, PPE used, and shooters compliance with approved safety procedures.


  • Comment on site security: this would include visitor orientation and control, explosive storage, working alone situations, equipment, fuel, and vehicle storage, ...


  • Company:

  • Add media

  • Select date

  • Add location
  • ERP in place?

  • PPE being used?

  • Unit safety equipment inspection documented?

  • Map quality & accessing?

  • Quality communication with crew Party Manager?

Cats / Slashers

  • Company:

  • Add location
  • Add media

  • Cat push:

  • Add location
  • Add media

  • ERP in place?

  • PPE being used?

  • Units with safety equipment / inspection documented?

  • Quality of line being produced?


  • Company:

  • Add location
  • Add media

  • Drill push:

  • Add location
  • Add media

  • ERP in place:

  • PPE being used:

  • Units with Safety Equipment / inspections documented?

First Aid Services

  • An emergency conveyance vehicle is located on site?

  • Add media

  • There are adequate fist aid supplies?

  • First aid services meet legislative regulations?

  • Are the appropriate number of first aides on site ?<br>Minimum requirement = 51% of crew.

  • All crew members are aware of first aid services on site?

Fire fighting

  • Fire extinguishers are inspected on a regular basis?

  • Personnel are trained in correct use of fire extinguishers?

  • Fire extinguishers are the correct class?

  • Add media

  • Fire extinguishers are readily available?

  • Add media

  • Fire extinguishers are clearly marked and secure?

  • Add media

Meetings / General comments

  • Please provide a general overview of your observations of any significant formal or tailgate safety meeting you attended or participated in during your visit to this crew.
    If a client representative accompanied you during the crew visit, please provide a synopsis of the client representative general impressions.

Action items required

If you require any additional information concerning your field crew safety audit, please contact your Area HSE Manager, or: Ron Seabrook Vice President HSE&S Tel: + 403 697 62 82 Tel: + 403 923 15 16 Email:

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